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>I Have To Laugh

>I have to laugh. President Bush lifts the ban on offshore drilling and the Democrats poo-poo it. The move may be “ineffectual,” as Nancy Pelosi says, if you’re one of the “I want my candy now people.” But it’s a first step. Now the ball is in the court of the Democratic do-nothing Congress.

“Now is your time to shine, boys and girls,” I say to the Dems. “Your time to prove to the American people that they ought to keep you in office. It’s why Bush is president and you aren’t, Nancy.”

“Is that your only solution to the high oil prices? Come on, Nancy, come up with a real solution. Why weren’t you working on this problem before? Why are you so late to the table with your foolish proposal?

You’re like the little daughter of a poor immigrant farmer who came to America in the nineteenth century. He had six coveted grape roots and a thousand dollars with which he planned to create a huge grape farm. A man came to him offering several thousand dollars for those roots, enough money to buy a small house and make their family comfortable. Amid cries of anguish from the mother and daughter, he held fast to his dream. He planted the six roots and it took 15 years. But in that time he had a multi-acre farm producing thousands of pounds of grape juice a year from which he began a highly successful winery and created a famous empire in California.”

People like Pelosi make me sick. Thank goodness for conservatives who believe in the future of this nation. Who are willing to sacrifice for the future and give up immediate pleasures and compensation for the ultimate dream.

Sadly, Nancy Pelosi and her entire cadre of Congretional liberals are not made of that kind of stuff—the stuff that made America strong. They are too prone to cry as did Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California (quoted in the end of the New York Times story). She was heard saying:
““Even if new offshore drilling were allowed off the coast of California and along the outer continental shelf, which I wholly and resolutely oppose, it won’t produce oil in time to solve the gas price emergency American consumers are facing right now.”

No duh!

You point the finger at conservatives, but you wanta know what? They’ve got a plan and you don’t. Their plan is to start now. Yes, it will take ten years to make a dent in our energy production. But they’ve got a plan, and you don’t. You can’t even get enough Congressmen together to discuss the matter. You can’t get a consensus on oil. The American people are clamoring for action, yet a do-nothing Congress will slide into November 5 without doing anything on two of the nation’s biggest problems, Energy and Social Security. And many of you who are up for re-election will be slid right out of Washington on your hind sides before you know it, repelled by an angry American electorate.

Energy is the most immediate problem. Bush got it right. It was reported in the Times. “For years, my administration has been calling on Congress to expand domestic oil production,” said Mr. Bush in a brief Rose Garden appearance in which he saddled Democrats with responsibility for gasoline prices exceeding $4 per gallon. “Unfortunately, Democrats on Capitol Hill have rejected virtually every proposal, and now Americans are paying at the pump.”

What will it take, Nancy, for you to act? $200 a barrel oil?

You’re so ridiculous, I have to laugh!