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Monday, September 15, 2008

Posted by GunnyG at 6:59 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
Want to make a liberal miserable? Want to make em pay for all of the times they vote for tax and spenders who then… Read More

Half time thoughts
Posted by Ed Martin at 6:58 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink Forgive me for not blogging. The NFL season started and I have been occupied rooting for… Read More

re Dinesh D’Souza’s thoughts on Islam
Posted by TOTA at 6:51 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
!–{cps..0}–> Dear Dinesh, Your illuminating piece about attitudes in the Muslim world skims too lightly… Read More

Judge Agrees, Patriotic Banner OK for Classroom
Posted by Warner Todd Huston at 6:40 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
-By Warner Todd Huston A Federal judge said that it was OK for a Poway, California school teacher to sue… Read More

Did ABC & Gibson Use Camera Trickery To…
Posted by Warner Todd Huston at 6:40 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
-By Warner Todd Huston Did ABC use particular camera tricks to make Governor Palin look small and powerless in… Read More

More ACORN Vote Fraud Attempts
Posted by Warner Todd Huston at 6:40 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
-By Warner Todd Huston The union supporting, Democratic Party pushing, extreme leftist Association of Community… Read More

Disgraced Ex-Labor Chief Helps Feds Snare…
Posted by Warner Todd Huston at 6:39 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
-By Warner Todd Huston What a career move. From top union chief, to convicted felon, to snitch. News emerged… Read More

Winning the War
Posted by Gary Fisher at 6:28 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
Winning the War The roots of the war are planted so deeply that few, even experts, can define them. It can… Read More

Sex after 50 – Senior Sex
Posted by suresh at 6:25 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
Just because a man or a woman hits the age of 50 doesn’t mean that sex is no longer a part of their lives. In… Read More

Sex and Aging
Posted by suresh at 6:19 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
It’s a fact of life that people need and want to be close to one another, and even though we have no choice… Read More

Steps to Make Your Guy More Romantic
Posted by suresh at 6:14 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
As some individuals might figure out, not all the men out there are in communiqué with their romantic side,… Read More

Testosterone and Sexual Performance
Posted by suresh at 6:10 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
Primarily secreted from the testes and the ovaries of male and female mammals, testosterone is a steroid hormone… Read More

Spots to Stimulate Orgasm in Her
Posted by suresh at 5:58 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
At the risk of upsetting the male population, most men are oblivious to what it takes to arouse their partner to… Read More

Health Insurance Companies West
Posted by Abitun Makenesh at 5:40 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
car insurance in AbernantMedical insurance of company, Western Virginia. Proposing to California the insurance of… Read More

Dangers of Incompetent Internet Users
Posted by David at 5:26 AM on 9/15/2008 | Permalink
I found this story fascinating! Well, if I owned stock or knew someone who owned stock in United Airlines I might… Read More

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