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>Honesty Can Save America


By Don White
The word “honesty” means telling the truth at all times. To be honest, we can’t be honest one day and dishonest another. The standard of honesty is found in the Bible and other holy scripture. Why aren’t we reading scriptures to our children? We are supposed to be teaching the Ten Commandments, which includes honesty, to our children in our homes, schools and churches, but where have we fallen short the past 40 years?

The libs have tried to overturn God, have taken prayer and The Ten Commandments out of public places–and look what a mess they’ve made.

Honesty in high places is missing.
Today the Wall Street Journal reported on an email written by Enrico Dallavecchia, then chief risk officer of Fannie Mae. He had done an audit and wrote in a July 2007 email to Michael Williams, chief operating officer, that Fannie “has one of the weakest control processes I ever witness (sic) in my career,”
Did CEO Franklin Raines act on that information? No! He ignored it and, consequently, he not only lost his job but his entire business had to be rescued by Washington.

But that’s not the worst of it—think of the millions of people who got house loans based on Fanny backing they could not afford. These are the very things that brought our country to its knees in the financial meltdown that is still going on.

These business leaders were too intent on making big short-term profits—and obscene multi-million-dollar bonuses and salaries– at the expense of danger signals they were receiving. They had to have had some inkling of thought that the housing bubble would not last forever and that things would degenerate into collapse of their companies and perhaps, ultimately, of the entire American financial system. To put it bluntly, they were outright dishonest.
God gave each of us a little brain button called a conscience. When we act on impulses from our consciences, we do the right thing, thus strengthening our ability to hear our conscience in the future. When we don’t, disaster always follows. Proverbs.19:5,9 states “a false witness will not go unpunished.” Constant ignoring of our conscience leads to what people say about most of Washington: “Oh, them? They don’t have a conscience.”

And yesterday Raines was trying to put the whole debacle onto regulators when he was the man in charge and the only man who could have straightened it out if he had only been honest.

Honesty in little things leads to honesty in big things, and vice versa. When you see photos of people like Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, and Charlie Rangle in the newspapers trying to explain away the fact that they arranged to get Mae and Mac and government entities to help the “poor” get the same “rights” as rich Americans, you can understand why we are in the mess we’re in.

The difference between the poor and the rich in these situations is that the poor cannot afford to own a house—even if forced on them by the Democrats. The so-called rich are more responsible than the poor—they pay their mortgages every month, they hold jobs, accumulate money to own a home and the poor do not.

It was dishonest of the Democrats to start the ball rolling towards home ownership for all people—whether they could pay for it or not. These Democrats aren’t complete idiots. They knew it would come back and bite them, except they dragged along a scapegoat, George Bush, who made our destruction a fait accompli by caving to the Democrats.

But in defense of George and Hank Paulson, John McCain and others, they introduced bills in Congress to tighten up loan requirements twice—once in 2005 and again in 2006. Both times Congress—mostly the Democrats who have been in power for the past two years—sneered at it and kept it tied up in conference so the bill couldn’t come to a vote.

This was part of the wearing down process for Bush. Someone innocently asked: “Is this guy back on drugs?” Bush effectively lied to his constituency—he ran as a conservative and for nine months has ruled as a socialist. I’m a conservative and if there was more time left on his term I would join with what’s left of the honest in Congress asking for the impeachment of not only Bush, but of Barney, Chuck, Nancy, Harry, Kennedy, Carey, and most of the Democratic Party. What’s the answer? term limits, no more than two terms.

What about honest Americans who pay their mortgages—and end up holding the bag for those who don’t? What do we do in these trying times? We go home each night and bring out the scriptures and again start teaching basic principles of Judeo-Christian law. It’s not too late to teach honesty in the home and insist on principles of truth and righteousness, of having all instructors teaching it in K1 through 12. That’s why it is necessary to re-introduce God into the classroom.

The atheists, Bill Ayers-type terrorists and others who argue against a loving God and intelligent design are arguing against teaching basic honesty and goodness backed up by standards of God found in the Bible that can’t be changed with every political wind that blows down morally bankrupt Chicago and Springfield, Illinois streets where governors are regularly tossed out of office for dishonesty, corruption, and abuse of power.