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>Making Money Blogging Isn’t A Perfect World, But It’s Possible

> How to Make Money Blogging

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You”re probably reading this article because you enjoy writing and are looking to make money from it! This article will give you an in-depth look at the blogging world and at how you can earn your living by writing.

Blogging, as you know, is a way of providing news, information, or commentary on websites. These sites are usually owned by individuals (and are often hosted for free), but occasionally they”re owned by companies, celebrities, or businesses. In this case, specialty website writers called bloggers are asked to write content for them. It”s a bit like writing an online journal that”s very informative.

Though it”s not difficult to earn some money writing for blogs, there are ways to make a real profit, and that comes from advertising. Anyone with access to the internet can create a blog, write for it, and then post pictures, videos, art, music, or other objects of interest. By selling internet ad space and advertising your blog, you can make hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are over 110 million blogs all over the world, but that doesn”t mean there”s competition. If you can figure out what interests you and will keep readers coming back day after day, or if you can make your blog the most interesting, funny, or informative, then that will help draw both readers and advertisers to your site.

Before you learn how to make money through blogging, it”s important to make sure that “commercializing” your blogging is a good fit for you. Ask yourself this: Do you think that making money via your blog is immoral, unethical, or obnoxious? Will your readers look at you in a different light? Will “monetizing” your blog actually cause you to lose readers? If you tend to agree with any of these sentiments, then perhaps making money through blogging isn”t for you. If you are still set on earning through blogging, however, then read on!

Once you”ve decided to make money through blogging, then you need to go at it full force! As in many fields, it takes extreme dedication and motivation to make it work. Many will fail, but if you really want it, then put your all into it. Once you decide just how you”re going to make ads-donations? Ads?-then you need to have a game plan. This is no time to go half-heartedly into trying to make money; rather, you need to ram this thing in its head! If you”re going to ask for donations, then you need to make it known. Tiny sidebars asking for money won”t do; you need to ask full-out, possibly writing an article on how donations will keep the site going. If you”re going to put up ads, then putting up a tiny ad isn”t going to do it. You”ll have to possibly make a media kit, aggressively sell ad space on multiple parts of your site, and install various programs that will help keep your ads current, related, and hopefully unobtrusive to the actual site content. Remember that no matter how you do it, having ads or asking for donations will anger a few visitors, but also remember that they”ll get over it!

Keep expectations low if you”re just starting out. You”ll probably earn less than $100 for the first entire month you have ads up, but once you catch up to ad basics, such as AdSense, and once you increase visitors to your site, you can actually make a comfortable 5- or 6-figure income working at it full time!

Your knowledge of various blog-related programs, such as RSS, pinging, trackbacks, page rankings, and search engine optimization are just a few elements you should familiarize yourself with. They”re not only useful in driving traffic to your site; they”ll eventually help you earn more money. Unfortunately, being successful isn”t about having the best product, news, or information. In the blogging industry, it”s your knowledge of how to really market your site that helps you earn.

After you”ve spent a few months tweaking, set a target goal for making money in a week- or month-long period. Perhaps it”s a few hundred dollars at first, but make sure it”s a few thousand within a year or two. This goal will help you determine how you want to make money, and exactly what will come from where. Will you make money from advertising, donations, or affiliate commissions? Will you be selling merchandise or other products on your site? Devise your strategy.

Driving traffic to your site is obviously an article in itself, but once you”ve done that, you need to focus on turning those page views into income. As stated before, there are multiple ways to earn your income, and focusing on several could yield good results. Here are just four of the top way s to earn:

Google AdSense is usually the number one source of income for bloggers. This Google money making device uses a content crawler to automatically post related text and image ads relevant to your site”s content and visitors. You can make money per click or per impression. BlogAds is an even more specific program geared specifically towards people like you. Various Text Ads or other Pay Per Click ads can also help you earn your income, and tie in directly with advertisers.

Campaign Advertising can be used for more local advertising or for companies who want a bigger ad on your site. If you don”t mind large skyscraper ads or banners on your site, then this is a great way to make money too. You”ll have to do more self-marketing and possible designing, but your creative skills should come in handy if you decide to make a media kit, which you can then use to sell space.

Affiliate Programs help you make other companies money by acting as a sort of middle man. They”ll use a marketing system which compensates you for letting them advertise on your site, and you in turn attract customers and advertise the company”s product. It essentially uses your website to drive traffic to their own.

Donations can be made to your site by caring and giving individuals or companies. While not the most profitable way to earn money, you may be surprised at how generous people can really be. Make sure you have an address for people who want to actually mail you a check as well as a PayPal site sent up for ease and convenience. The easier it is to donate, the more likely people will be! Quick setup and little effort (other than the push to ask for donations) make this a highly approachable method for earning money.

These are just a few of the great opportunities you have for making money through blogging. Remember, it”s not going to be easy, but with the right mindset, the right dedication, and enough talent and time, you can make a successful career out of blogging! Best of all, once you”ve set up various accounts and ads, you can simply sit back and concentrate on your writing. After all, isn”t that what it”s all about?

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