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>Why Won’t The Government Tell Us the Truth?

>”Crude Oil” to:

From: Damian Cambell
Date: Thursday, 4/14/2011
Dear Fellow Patriot,
My name is Damian Cambell… and I’ve got some disturbing news for you.
To warn you it’s got me so angry I can’t see straight…

Our government is blowing the horn about the rest of the world, but turning
a blind eye to the problems on our own soil!
Really, I’m sorry for the crap going on in the rest of the world too, but our
highest priority has got to be America. After all, we live in the middle of
dangerous times…
Just look around the world:
  • Al Qaeda is coming out of the woodwork in Yemen…
  • All out civil war is tearing Libya apart (how do you think the 
  • civilians are doing)…
  • The nuclear reactor that exploded in Japan is having a 
  • MAJOR negative impact (notice how the press has 
  • been trying to keep it quiet?)…
  • And our government is so far in debt it almost shutdown!
Obviously things are going very wrong – And if you think
we’re going to be left out…
I hope you’re right.
But maybe you’re not facing the facts…
The cold-hard truth is we’re going to feel more than just
skyrocketing oil prices…

Bloodthirsty Riots, Nuclear 

Fumes, or Jihadist
Insurgents Could Strike Your 

Family At Any
Time! (Even On US Soil)

It sounds dramatic, but our lives, freedom and families aren’t
safe anymore.
Think about it. What are you going to do if:
  • Hyperinflation causes mass rioting (look at our economy, l
  • ook at where it’s going and look at what’s happened in places 
  • like Brazil or Japan when their economy crashed)?
  • A pissed off mob tries to break into your house when just 
  • your wife and kids are home (you really want to be sure 
  • they’re safe when you’re not around)…
  • A nuclear power plant in the US blows sky high forcing your 
  • family to live off just the food in your fridge (Japan’s safety regs 
  • were just as strict, if not more so, than ours) …
I’ll tell you what you’ll do if, God forbid, anything like that happens…
Guys like you and me aren’t just going to sit on the sidelines and let
our family live unprotected. We’re going to stand-up and fight.
But, the sad part is, most people are completely oblivious…
Sounds crazy doesn’t it? With all the crap obviously happening in
the world people are still pretending like “change” will fix everything…
Time for a reality check.
Every American watches the news and sees all the “terrible things
going on in the rest of the world.”We think, “oh it’s not gonna
happen to me.”
My question is: are you going to bet your life on it?
And more importantly, are you going to bet your family’s life 
on it?
The massacres, fanatical insurgents and starving rioters are
happening right now, and with the direction our government is
going – it’s not “if it hits the US”… it’s “when it hits the US.”
So the question is…

Do You Want To Learn 

The Raw Survival
Techniques To 

Protect Your Family
Special Ops Style?

While the world is going to hell around us, our strength of character,
willpower and determination willbe tested.
Some of us will band together to protect our friends and family –
no matter what the cost (I think you’re with me here)…
But dying a hero won’t help your family, neighbors or country.
Think about that for a second – Are you serious about protecting
your family in any situation?
You’ve probably heard the old saying “if you fail to plan, you
plan to fail.”
That’s never truer than when you’ve got complete chaos around
you. A lot of you probably know that firsthand from time on the
battlefield, or have close family that has.
Everything goes back to your training.
That’s why you need to train on:
  • This Fail-safe way to protect your wife and kids 
  • even if you’re at work when a disaster hits. T
  • his 5 minute tip was worth its weight in gold!
  • How to use a classified Special Forces method to
  •  force your body to respond in a split-second with 
  • lightning-fast speed and accuracy while the rest of 
  • your family is paralyzed by fear!
  • Life-saving secrets the military uses in the middle of the 
  • battlefield that are proven to save soldiers’ lives. (When 
  • I think of my kids hurt, this is my only encouraging thought).
Now, if you’re one of those brawlers or someone who likes to
“show-off” your survival and preparedness skills these
techniques aren’t for you.
These methods are only to protect yourself or your family
if we’re hit by an Armageddon style disaster – not make
yourself look cool.
After all, real men don’t have to walk around acting macho –
they know that whatever happens, they can handle it.
Do you want to be sure you can handle any disaster?
Please do not procrastinate! Without this knowledge you
and your family are wide open to serious danger that 
you absolutely must prepare for.

Damian Cambell

P.S. You and I both know things are going to get worse
before they get better. If you’re not prepared you might as
well give up now – because when some disaster hits
it’ll be too late.
Click here if you’re serious about protecting your family.

>"Cure" Lesbianism With Rape Is A Maliciously Wicked Lie


Dear Don,
A small group of lesbian activists from the poverty-stricken townships of
Cape Town walked into South African parliament on Monday and
convinced their government to finally start fighting the country’s
decades-old scourge of “corrective rape” — where men rape lesbian
women to “turn” them straight. You made that moment possible. 
Late last year, these activists called on the world to help them
pressure their leaders to take action on corrective rape. We
answered their call, and more than 170,000 members from
163 countries joined with them, making this the largest campaign of all time
Three and a half months later, they succeeded. Teaming up with 23 major
South African organizations, they got some of the most powerful officials
in the country to agree to bring together various government arms and civil
 society groups to develop and implement a national action plan to
 combat corrective rape.
The ministry officials asked for details of specific cases in need of
immediate attention, committed to a series of meetings beginning in
six weeks, and promised to present concrete proposals to prevent
corrective rape by the next
It’s an astounding victory, far beyond what we ever
could have imagined when we set out late last year. 
Now these activists need your help holding the 
government accountable for its commitments.
If there was any question about the effect you had, the
chief of staff himself confirmed it: At one point in the
session he explicitly said, in a pleading voice, “Please
don’t petition us again.”
But that’s exactly what we need to do. The government 
is making a series of urgent decisions on sexual 
violence legislation in the next few weeks, and South 
African activists need your help in pressuring them to 
follow up their words with tangible action:
Your work led to overwhelming international press
coverage of the campaign, taking corrective rape
from an unspoken epidemic to a prominent international
issue. In the last two weeks alone, the campaign against
corrective rape has been covered by Time Magazine, the
Washington PostUSA TodayHouston ChronicleSan 
Francisco ChroniclePhiladelphia InquirerBoston Globe,
Miami HeraldSeattle TimesABC NewsCBS News,
NBC NewsFox NewsMSNBC, Dan Rather, Forbes,
Yahoo! NewsSalon, and dozens of global outlets from
Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Spain, and even a Finnish tabloid.
An elated Luleki Sizwe Founder Ndumie Funda (pictured to
the right, alongside the chief of staff from the Ministry of
Justice) called it “an incredible achievement…I humble
myself to the 170,000 people from all over the world who
made this possible. It was about time this happened.”
There is still much to be done, but every
member should be proud about what has been accomplished here.
In just 100 days, a tiny group of township activists have
managed to mobilize more than 170,000 people from
163 countries and engaged the highest levels of government
to address their demands. That’s incredible.
Thanks for lending your voice. 
– Weldon and the team

>Do People Scam You, Too?

>Have The email Scammers Got Your Number?
I received so much scam mail I started to keep tract. In three weeks this summer I received 115 scams where I had won prodigious amounts of cash or someone had died and the widow wanted me to act as go-between to get the money into the U.S.–act as money launderer– and all I had to do was click, prove I was who I was and receive the money.

WRONG! A while back I checked it out, just to see how much personal detail you needed to give up to get the cash. Came to find out there was no winnings or cash and you had to tell them personal identity stuff like credit card number, social security number, home phone, and address, where you worked, where you went to school, parents’ names and ad infinitum…

This is written to alert you to not give them anything. Here are some typical come-on language.


2) Urgent appointment. Somebody died and there’s 40% of $5.5 million for me for doing practically nothing (except selling my soul).

3) File Your Claims or Call +44-7024038390


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Contact:Dr. Williams Spencer ( for the claim of which you have won in IRISH-PROMO.

4) Your E-mail Have Won the Sum Of 1,000,000.00 Pounds***Contact Us Via Email:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 9:38 PM From:


5) Contact Mr.George Cutts ( Tele: 00447031964476 for a lump sum pay out of £2.5 000 000 pounds sterlings.Provide him with the information below: 1.Full Name: 2.Full

Oh, if it were really that simple. If only they just wanted the above information. But if someone responds to these phony emails he will find they get a lot more personal than that.

The above represents five of 115 emails and they are probably representative of what I and you receive every three weeks, or 4.35 percent. Adding up the offers above amounts to almost $402 million dollars. That’s just in three weeks. If that is representative of what I will get all year, and I think it is, and if I executed each offer, I would end up in one year with almost $7 billion dollars, all IRS tax free–until they caught up to me. Then it would be the rest of my life wearing stripes, carrying a ball and chain.

Most of the offers were in English pounds, so I assume most were from Great Britain or Nigeria, or some such country that uses British currency. But in reality, all of these could be coming from Brooklyn, New York or Chicago–home of U.S. scams. Or from some kid’s bedroom in a respectable neighborhood of Hartford, Connecticut. The kid might be a peach of a boy to his teachers in secondary school, but to the bigger scam artists he’s just some scumbag kid who will take fifty bucks to bugger up some unsuspecting widow’s life.

Don’t go near this stuff. Delete it from your computer as soon as it arrives. If it bothers you, trash your current email and get a new one, like Yahoo G-Mail that advertises it is more “scam resistant.”