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>What’s Wrong With America?

>Bailout Mentality Stinks!
It isn’t what’s wrong with America, it’s what’s wrong with American politicians, banks, corporations, labor unions and other special interest groups? For some strange reason we have become intent on government fixing everything when in reality government can’t fix anything. It only gets in the way. We shouldn’t be bailing out GM and Chrysler – we should be standing aside and letting them fail. Capitalism means the fittest survive, the weak companies go bankrupt – remember?

We shouldn’t be propping up ailing banks. That’s nonsense — just let them fail. They’ll fail anyway, you’re just postponing the inevitable at a huge cost to taxpayers.

Now we’re hearing from the TV stations who feed off the latest airline news. Just one month ago a commuter plane ran into large birds that blew out two engines and the plane successfully landed on the Hudson River without one death. We all cheered and knighted a pilot nicknamed Sully. Rightly so, he’s a hero.

Two days ago near Buffalo, New York a plane hadn’t been properly de-iced and it nose dived into a house killing all 49 passengers and one person in the house.

Yesterday, a British Airways plane had to skid to a stop in London because the landing gear didn’t come down properly.

Enter the so-called experts who are paid to give opinions on television. They say government should spend another bailout on airline safety infrastructure. Our planes are not yet even operating on GPS signals that could make the entire system safer.

Fine! But whatever happened to the regular legislative process? Bailout mentality stinks. It has a naive president running around churning up popularity for a bill that no one, including the legislators, know what’s in it. The bum’s rush intensity was on. It had to be passed post haste or America would go under. Yeah, sure. When lawmakers — not to speak of the public to whom he promised transparency and openness — haven’t even read all zillion pages yet?

Fast forward to last night in Washington. The big news that Democrats should have seen coming is that Americans are shocked at the trillions of dollars lawmakers have hocked us and our grandchildren for — all to fix a ubiquitous financial mess that even Obama’s top financial brain, Timothy Gaithner, doesn’t dare say will work because he doesn’t understand the problem.

When you add in George Bush’s TARP and the $800 billion “Obama plan” — if you can call it that because he didn’t have the guts to write it himself, a bungling congress did — with interest you’re approaching three trillion dollars in bailouts. But then, Obama wants a third shot at this – another trillion dollars to triple wammy the problem. And he is supposed to have a super IQ? Is he really the messiah, the financial surgeon who can zero in on problems and fix them?

When King Obama saw his first-month performance numbers plummet he said: “Whew! I didn’t see that coming.” He assumed everyone wanted him to put their kids and grandchildren in financial lockup for the next 50 years?

What is so amazing is how this president works. Every president before has written his own bills. But he let a bunch of Democrats run wild with the red ink while he relegated himself to playing bully-pulpit cheerleader, yelling the sky is falling and we don’t care what you pass, just pass it quick and massive — as if anything their pens scribbled would work magic on the problem as long as it looked like a humungous amount of cash thrown at the financial fire. As a surgeon he’s more interested in mastectomies than lumpectomies, amputations than safe skin grafts, and other life-threatening procedures than conservatively saving the patient. This time he’s removed the heart of a nation, which is capitalism, and he expects the patient to survive?

When’s all this madness going to stop?

It isn’t!

That’s because the same Democrats who got us into this mess still believe it is government’s duty to own everything and to tax Americans to death so they can “fix” everthing just in time to get re-elected.