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>Why America’s Economy Collapsed

>While Democrats and Republicans point the finger of blame for our fizzled economy, why aren’t they being practical. The economy went to hell because of greed — plain and simple greed and dishonesty of people in power.

It included that of big business, and can you blame them. High paid union people in America made it prohibitive for American business to produce simple technology in the U.S. — too expensive, so they went abroad. Read the following and pass it along. In it you will see the reason for all of our troubles — together with plenty of wicked greed of Congressmen like Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, and others who will do anything to stay in Washington, the deceit of leaders of Fanny May and Freddie Mac who precipitated the housing debacle by asking Congress and Bush to pass a law that allowed poor people — those who they knew could never pay back a house loan — to buy a house. Or was it the other way around? Was it Barney Frank who told ACORN and Freddy Mac’s President Franklyn Raines that he had the perfect ploy — he would stop funding the troops unless Bush agreed to change the law allowing poor Democrats to qualify for loans. Unfortunately, Bush fell for it instead of being strong willed.

It was all a vicious circle of greed. We could have avoided this financial problem if people would just have continued to go to church, read the Bible, be honest in their dealings with one another, prayed to God at home and allowed school children to pray at school and recite the Pledge of Allegince. Instead, they allowed the atheists to take over their thinking. The story I want you to read is  “Why The American Economy Fell Off The Cliff” and it is found on m companion web site,
Click over there right now and read and re-read this important message. Then tell your children about it and your friends at work and wherever you see people, the barber, the grocer, the cab driver, the next door neighbor. Then have them pass it along to their friends and families.