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>Let’s Get Congressional Term Limits And Stop Letting Congress Hoodwink & Bankrupt America

>In my quest for Congressional term limits, I came across a web site that administers IQ tests. They have proven conclusively that members of Congress are the dumbest people on the planet. Even a 13-year-old, who had an IQ of 138, was smarter than all the Democrat and Republican lawmakers.

If some rich guy would fund me, I’d take a year off to travel the country setting up an organization which would get signatures in each state — enough to pass a referendum for Congressional term limits — two six-year terms for Senate and three two-year terms for Representatives.

We could then turn over our Congress rapidly and weed out the dumbest lawmakers, which is what we need to do right now, what with the atrocious amount of needless spending lawmakers have authorized to bail everyone out.


But then I thought, while we’re limiting Congressional terms, maybe we also should require honesty and IQ tests for all people who want to run for national office. It’s one thing to call them dumb and liars, which they are, but it’s another thing to prove it.

You can require that they take lie detector tests for honesty, realizing some dishonest people can beat the test. That’s the breaks. But a test of this nature is needed to keep liers out of office. If President Obama had been administered a test of this kind, he would have flunked. Then here’s what you do when candidates make promises on the campaign trail: We keep track. If any successful candidate then goes back on his promises he must give up his office immediately, and the Supreme Court is not the arbiter, that job goes to a panel of 6th graders — just to keep politics out of it. It’s pretty easy for a child to tell if someone has lied.

The IQ test idea is addressed by two web sites I mentioned above, or
Here is a little of of the fast IQ Test’s stuff:

Take a Free IQ Test.

This is a Free IQ Test where you can find out how smart you are compared to your friends and family.
There is no cost to take this test, it is totally free.

Some Famous people’s IQs:

Albert Eeinstein
IQ Score 160

Bill Clinton
IQ Score 137

Bill Gates
IQ Score 160

George W. Bush
IQ Score 125

Stephen Hawking
IQ Score 160

You will however be required to register for the site with your name, email, and address to get your IQ Score.

If you feel strongly about term limits, candidate lying and over promising, and the stupidity of lawmakers (the need for IQ tests), then let us know your side of it by clicking the COMMENT BUTTON below. Thanks, and keep reading. Don White