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>Start Speaking Up For America — The United Nations and Foreign Countries Don’t Espouse The Right Principles


A Politically and Socially Correct Life

What bothers me most is that many American institutions no longer promote Americanism.
They don’t even require immigrants to sing the national anthem or root for the home team.
The Pledge of Allegiance is passé.
Hey, what’s that, is what immigrants say. They don’t care about reciting some allegiance pledge.
They don’t know about Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. They’re just here to make a lot of money that they can send back to Mexico or some other Spanish-speaking-poor country.
I don’t look down on them. I think it’s admirable that they care for their people.
Well, I care for my people too, and they are called legal, full-fledged Americans, not those who don’t build up this country, but just take from it – and many of them illegally because they didn’t even bother to wait their turn to come here legally.
A noted conservative William E. Simon Jr. said, “There are disturbing signs that here in America differences and separateness are becoming more pronounced than unity and harmony. In his book, Who Are We, historian Samuel P. Huntington, warns that citizenship has been devalued, and a revival of national identity is critical to America’s very survival.
We who lived through the sixties remember the riots in Watts, California. We remember the rebellious times when even kids from the best families, like George W. Bush, took up with marijuana and we saw the city and flag burnings in Detroit and Chicago and other major American cities. We didn’t like it when such notables as Bill Clinton escaped the draft by going to England to smoke his pot on an expensive Oxford campus.
Obama followed, developing both smoking and drug-using habits. Sadly, we witnessed a dishonest Dick Nixon give up his office rather than be impeached for allowing the Watergate break in. Those that followed had to learn from their older brothers and unrighteous peers. One such was Barak Hussein Obama, who now seems to have no love at all for America. He was elected on the mantra of “Change”, but at first even conservatives for awhile tried to think the best of him, that he really wouldn’t attempt to take away our conservative trappings and steal the country away from capitalism. Well, he did and he is.
Over the years we have failed to defend the flame of freedom. We have become so lax. I used to dislike liberal Ralph Nader. But at least he had the wisdom to suggest to America’s top 100 companies that they should have their employees recite the Pledge of Allegiance” each morning vocally. He was rebuffed and criticized. Half never responded. Only one agreed to do so. One large firm, Aetna Insurance, blatantly and figuratively spat at him and our American ideals, with the Aetna CEO stating: “This idea is contrary to the principles on which our democracy was founded.”
The government of Illinois has not set down any guidelines on the need for, or how to teach American history. But they have done so when it comes to teaching Mexican history. They printed a 163-page guide so that students would remember Mexican names and places.
In their book Getting America Right, Doug Wilson and Edwin Feulner said vocal interest groups have hijacked our nation’s curriculum and turned it into a mishmash of politically correct identity policies. It’s time for Americans to reclaim our children’s education from those who seek to divide our country by focusing on differences rather than uniting it. If Al Gore has his way, the United Nation’s standards will give sway to our educational system. In fact our system will give way to the things being taught in Europe, making it impossible for an American parent to discipline their children or direct their education. Home schools will be banned.
Obama wants to let the floodgates of harm to children and families rush in. Parents, naturally want to protect their children from the evils of this day: from porn and the gay movement, and from the abortion movements which have engulfed Europe. In fact, the European standard will become our standard unless we stop him. Obama just signed an executive order that gave millions of dollars of our hard-earned tax money to the abortion clinics of Europe. Almost directly, he has said: Take that, Pope and all you misguided conservatives and religious nuts. Barak Obama is complicit in all of this. He agrees with abortionists and he sides with the gay movement.
His Attorney General Eric Holder has nominated as his deputy attorney general. David W. Ogden. This man could be the devil dressed in a $1,500 suit to all conservatives. He is a believer in all of today’s evils. He has filed briefs for continued racial preferences, gays in uniform, and for a virtually unlimited abortion license. He has litigated numerous obscenity and pornography cases for clients like Playboy and Penthouse magazines and the ACLU; he has filed briefs opposing parental notification before a minor’s abortion; opposed the military’s policy against homosexuals serving in the armed services; opposed the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Child Protection and Internet and Obscenity Enforcement Act. 
David Ogden will advance Obama’s interests. Now do you see, Americans, why we didn’t want Obama in the Oval Office? If Ogden is the Devil, the real Satan is Barak Obama, a man who endangers all American children including his own with his far left liberal policies that will soon change America, he hopes, forever.
Perhaps worst of all, Ogden is not a strict constructionist. He supports a “living Constitution” that changes to the latest fad of the day. He believes that judges should consult worldwide law when making decisions and should not be restricted to our Founders intent when deciding important issues. In other words, that it’s okay for a Muslim in Texas to kill his two daughters because they’re dating guys in high school because that’s the law in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. In other words, the law can be anything the judge says it can be. That kind of law leads to tyranny and the buying of favors, one reason the Pilgrims and our forefathers came to America in the first place.
The INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) used to live by the rules: five years residency, speak and write English well, answer an oral test including American history and general knowledge, not be a felon, hardworking, a good fit for America, leave the old country’s ways behind. But today, immigration officials don’t have standards that fit all immigrants. Some are lax, while others are not, even to the point where immigrants were complaining. To meet this, the INS revised the standard textbook for immigrants. Now there were three levels of texts – the highest aimed at fourth to sixth grade reading standards. A simplified written test of a hundred questions was created for the amnesty class. It wasn’t supposed to be used for nonamnesty applicants – but it often was. Now it’s so easy, examiners see themselves not as guardians of the gates but people who should help immigrants pass over the hurdles. Now the tests are easier than ever. All some examiners do is to ask those same 100 questions to quickly get the regular immigrant past the gate, causing the “dumming down” of the process. Investigations have led to the conclusion that some examiners hand out the answers with the tests.
How important is citizenship? It’s a ticket to welfare, Medicaid and Social Security. Citizenship is almost handed out freely – to people who know next to nothing about the importance of American history, our legal and social concepts, and the importance of learning the language.
How can people who don’t understand what we’re debating know enough to vote? But think about it – their vote counts just as much as yours. In essence, a political party like the Democrats who want to lower immigrations standards and give amnesty to all illegals are really only buying votes. Their goal is to cancel out your independent or conservative vote with that of an illiterate, uninformed – and perhaps militant terrorist — newcomer.
Obama is no dummy, he’s thought about it a lot. In the last election, did you hear him speak for or against against amnesty for those 13 million illegal immigrants, or did he say he wanted to ship them all back to South and Central America? Certainly not the latter.
They are the kind of people Democrats want in their party because, first of all, they are mostly illiterate and, secondly, they usually are not well educated and make up the working class of society, the very people Obama wants to bring up into the middle class while he levels the upper group back down to that low middle. It’s easier to mold the minds of a subservient, dependent middle class than an independent, thinking upper class. Congresman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd wanted the same for people who couldn’t afford houses. What they did backfired. Now all those houses are being taken back by the banks, and this has weakened our country financially to the point that we’re fighting a serious recession.

My observation and advice for Obama: When you abandon freedom and free enterprise you weaken the country. Government doesn’t make worthwhile, long-term jobs, only more bureaucracy and inefficiency, lowering the standard of living for all.


>National Unity Is Vital

>When we come down to it we should not think in terms of Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. We’re all Americans first.

That’s the plea the Obama gang is making today to people like Florida Senator Mel Martinez who voted against the Obama financial resuscitation plan or economic stimulus. He voted “Nay” because it’s loaded with pork and entitlements and does very little to get people back to work. The Senate is working to make the bill smaller and omit all of those things.

I still wouldn’t vote for it. Bailouts don’t work, history has proven that. They only make government larger and take decision-making farther from the grass roots.

But isn’t that how it is? The party of Franklin Roosevelt wants something so they appeal to your American-First instincts. But if we cave, and vote for an inferior bill or any bill — the Republican bill creates twice as many jobs — then we’ve totally missed the point.

In voting in unison against a similar bill, House Republicans did the right thing.

It is true — from our nation’s humble beginnings our leaders warned that strength can be found only in unity. You can interpret that two ways, but unity doesn’t equal uniformity and that doesn’t mean we all need to act like foolish Democrats and spend, spend, spend.

George Washington said it: “The bosom of America is open, but only if they [new immigrants] will be assimilated to our customs, measures, and laws; in a word, soon become our people.”

Alexander Hamiliton said we needed “the energy of a common national sentiment.” We had it after 9/11 and before and during World War II. Hamilton was high on love of country and lack of foreign bias. When he said love of country he meant this one — America — not the one immigrants came from.

I was floored the day after the November 6, 2008 presidential elections while shopping at Sams and I ran into a foreign-looking man. (With so many immigrants here in Florida, you can’t tell the foreigners from the locals.) Being the friendly sort that I am, I asked if he had voted. He smiled and said, indeed I have. Both in the American election and in my other home, Bahasa, Indonesia.

“Oh, I said, I didn’t know if you held citizenship in a foreign country you could also hold valid American citizenship.”

“Oh, yes. You see, I am American and Indonesian at the same time.” I told him our president was also from Indonesia . . . or was it Kenja, Africa where I said I thought he was born. It hasn’t been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he wasn’t born in Africa. “Yes, anymore it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, born abroad or here,” he said, “we’re all the same, aren’t we?”

Millions of people have dual citizenships. Born somewhere else and came here to enjoy our prosperity, easily becoming an American citizen. But in my mind, these people really aren’t full-fledged Americans. If it came down to it, they could refuse to serve in our military, pay taxes, or do anything we are required to do — by merely hopping a plane to their other country for a while. Our immigration and naturalization laws are so loose even a Muslim terrorist can become a citizen.

These People Are Only Half Committed To The American Dream
To be fully committed when you come here, you need to burn all bridges behind you to the former homeland. You need to stand ready to fight for America, regardless of the issue or the reason we are at war. In other words, you must be patriotic to America first and foremost without hesitation, but they’re not.

I’m reminded of the so-called “snowbirds” who come to Florida 7 months of the year to avoid paying higher taxes in Minnesota, for example. Or in case you’re a Mormon, to avoid having them call you to the office of scoutmaster, Bishop or High Priest Group Leader, all of which requires a lot of work.

“The one sure way to bring down America,” said Theodore Roosevelt, ” would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, each insisting on its own identity.”

Groups are not good. Where your heart is, there, too, will be your allegence. Many Muslims now living in America are conflicted. Islam teaches things which don’t jive with patriotic Americanism. We learned that after 9/11.

I’m not homophobic. Not all Muslims are bad people, but I wonder if even peace-loving, non-violent Muslims are truly converted to our American mores, laws, ways, history, and beliefs.

“A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group has not yet become an American,” said Woodrow Wilson.

Before the 1980s, American’s immigrants did see themselves as individuals leaving the home country and its ways forever, taking on a new national identity. These people embrassed our laws, our national idenity. These people embraced our land, laws, ways, traditions, and customs. They were glad to do so.

John Quincy said it best: “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.”