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>Obama Entering A Dangerous Mine Field

Obama trip full of opportunity and risk

Obama supporters hope his foray to the Middle East and Europe improve his image on foreign policy. But it could all backfire, validating GOP-fostered doubts.

When someone not well versed in International Affairs ventures out among the Philistines there are many a mis-step possible, especially as Obama talks foreign policy about which he knows little.

Barack Obama hopes to reassure Americans that he has the foreign-policy expertise to keep the nation safe. If he has it, where on earth did he get it? And why has he been hiding such expertise? Any political neophyte American can detect weakness in this area in Barak.

Will we see more New Yorker Magazine style satire as he steps on mine field after mine field? The GOP hope that will be the case, and it very welll could be if he lets his tongue get in the way of his mind.

Images beamed back from Jerusalem, Berlin and other cities next week will show him meeting heads of state with all the formal trappings of summitry.
Many Americans are still asking how did he get to mingle among heads of state. He’s not a head of state, just a visiting junior senator from the U.S. The effrantry of all of this, eh what?

Obama’s handlers believe that if the nominee avoids mistakes, the intense news coverage — three network anchors will accompany him — could ease voter doubts.

Republican rival John McCain will be trying to reinforce those doubts as Obama makes his way from Jordan and Israel to Germany, France and Britain. Obama has already visited Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama’s itinerary will require deft navigation of foreign conflicts, a skill that at times has eluded the 46-year-old senator from Illinois. And the slightest stumble could solidify McCain’s standing as the candidate voters see as more seasoned in world affairs

>Dear Political Disconnect Friend,

The media and liberal politicians have delivered a steady drumbeat of retreat and defeat in Iraq but our soldiers and marines have a different story to tell. A new voice is telling the true story of sacrifice, heroism and yes — the success of our troops.

Reporter and former Green Beret, Michael Yon has written a ground-breaking new book, Moment of Truth In Iraq, that will keep you on the edge of your seat, put tears in your eyes, and hope in your heart.

General David Petraeus explains Yon’s work best: “He’s fearless… provides a candid, soldier’s-eye view… from the very unique perspective of being there with them for weeks and months at a time… delving deep into the human component.”

For a limited time, you can get a free copy of Michael Yon’s Moment Of Truth In Iraq with your subscription to Townhall Magazine. Now, I don’t generally ask bloggers to spend a dime for news, but because you care about our soldiers and marines I thought you might want to see this. Go to:

“I haven’t seen anything quite like the coverage in Michael Yon’s dispatches from Mosul ? a compelling narrative.”
— Michael Barone

“If you care about our soldiers in Iraq you MUST read Michael Yon’s new book. “
— Hugh Hewitt

Get A FREE copy of Yon’s book Moment of Truth in Iraq NOW!

Michael Yon has spent more time than any other reporter embedded with our marines, soldiers, and special ops teams patrolling the streets of Iraq. Moment Of Truth In Iraq is available FREE with your subscription to Townhall Magazine. Click here to get this $65 value for just $34.95 now!

In Moment Of Truth In Iraq, Michael Yon shares his heart-grabbing and riveting stories and photographs from the war zone. His cover photo of a soldier caring for an injured Iraqi child helped our troops win the hearts and minds of Iraqis and was named the Time Magazine Photo of the Year.

Moment of Truth in Iraq is packed with Yon’s trademark thrilling and often heart-rending tales from the battlefield. You’ll also read the untold stories of Iraq:

1. The American commander fed up with phony Al Qaeda ‘documentaries’ that showed terrorists shooting at bombed out American vehicles as if they had beaten us in open battle. The commander and his men staged the “bombing” of a broken down truck, then when the terrorists came to put on their act, Navy SEAL snipers killed every one.

2. Follow the exploits of the great “Deuce Four” battalion that became the center of a “warrior cult” dreaded by terrorists and revered by Iraqis.

3. Think Iraqi soldiers can’t fight? Read about the elite Iraqi SWAT team taking down a terror cell for the murder of four American soldiers and a brave Iraqi guide.

4. Think Americans are occupiers, not liberators, of Iraq? Tell that to the wounded Iraqi interpreter, who, convinced he was about to die, begged his U.S. commander to have his heart cut out and buried in America.

5. Learn why so many Iraqi boys dream of becoming American soldiers.

In Townhall Magazine’s June issue, reporter and former Green Beret, Michael Yon — embedded with soldiers and marines ? shares his views on Iraq as someone who has been-there-done-that.

In his exclusive report for Townhall Magazine, Yon details:

1. Why we initially failed.
2. The new model for countering insurgents.
3. Al Qaeda’s attempts to start a civil war.
4. How U.S. forces fought for the hearts and minds of Iraqis ? house by house.
5. How the “Surge” turned the corner for Iraq.
6. And General Patreaus’ next move.

Michael Yon’s report is in Townhall Magazine and you can get a free copy of the June issue today. Request your free issue of Townhall Magazine now.