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>Militant Islamics Abuse First Amendment Rights

Washington prides itself on hands-off religious policy. The Pentagon relies on religious organizations to endorse its Muslim chaplains, so it stays out of the business of approving them in deference to the constitutional separation of church and state. But a number of those organizations are run by militant Islamists bent on undermining the military and the U.S. system of government.

They know they can advance their cause safely under the First Amendment which, ironically, allows their faith the freedom to flourish even though they deny that freedom to other faiths in other countries. For example, proselytizing faiths in the U.S. such as the Mormons and Baptists are not allowed to do overt missionary work in Saudi Arabia or Iran but they have their people busy working on Americans. Somehow, the next president must work on this inequality. What’s allowed in America for the Muslims should be the rule in Muslim countries.

They know they can raise funds–tax free–at local mosques under the protections of religious freedom. Making it easier for them, America is a welcoming nation, and Americans are respectful of all faiths and want to think the best of Muslims.