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>Joan Swirsky’s Latest Obama Wrecking Ball


The Itch That’s Destroying America

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 – Joan Swirsky  Thursday, March 10, 2011

It’s a funny thing about itches…the more you scratch, the more you itch. This is because scratching floods your system with histamine, which causes—itching! Oh, you can get rid of the itching with an over-the-counter medication or go to the doctor for something stronger. But people with chronic itching conditions inevitably start to believe in Hell and that itching is among the worst punishments on earth.

This comes from the Canada Free Press web site: Read the entire article

>Finally, A Judge Will Decide If ObamaCare Should Be Thrown Out


Federal Judge to Rule on Health Law’s Constitutionality


A Virginia federal judge is expected to rule Monday on whether the Obama administration’s health law violates the Constitution, opening a new stage in the administration’s defense of its biggest legislative achievement.
The ruling by District Judge Henry E. Hudson is perhaps the most significant so far among a slew of state-based legal challenges to the law, which also faces attack by newly resurgent Republicans in Congress. More than 20 federal lawsuits have been filed against the health overhaul since President Barack Obama signed it in March.
While the cases differ somewhat, they largely rest on the argument that Congress lacks constitutional authority to require most Americans to carry health insurance or pay a fee. The Obama administration counters that three clauses of the Constitution gave Congress the power to put the requirement, known as the individual mandate, in the law as part of regulating how people pay for health care.

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>Rush Limbaugh Would Ask Barak Why?


One Question for Obama: Why?
September 22, 2010
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RUSH: Zack, South Bend, Indiana.  Hello, Zack.  What’s your question?

CALLER:  How you doing, Rush?  Thank you for having me on.  I’m a new listener.  I was just wondering if you had a chance to sit down with Barack, and ask any question in the world that he had to answer honestly, what would it be?

RUSH:  Well, that he had to answer honestly?


RUSH:  Oh.

CALLER:  There was some kind of truth serum and he had no choice.

RUSH:  “Why are you doing this?” If he had no choice and the truth would come flowing out of his oral cavity, and this were an interview being watched by all Americans, I’d say, “Why are you doing this?” so the whole country would know.  If you put that caveat on it.  If you take the caveat that he had to answer it honestly away, I would still ask the same question.  “Why are you doing this?”  Because the lies that would come out of his mouth would set me up for the rest of my career, in the mission here to destroy liberalism and to make it a permanent governing minority.  It already is a minority.  We are being ruled by an elite bunch of snobs.

By the way, I want to take on this word “elite.”  A lot of people make a good point about this.  By elite, I don’t mean “better than.”  Sometimes “elite” is defined as people who are really special.  They are smarter, they’re better, they’re more accomplished, more achieved. That’s not what we mean when we talk about this ruling elite.  These are self-appointed elitists.  These are people who tell themselves and tell us that they’re smarter and brighter than everybody else, when in fact they may be more book-educated, but they are — in practical, common sense terms — ignorant, dumb, and dangerous.  So it’s quite obvious here we’re being ruled by a very small minority.  And the objective here is to make it a governing minority.  In other words, get rid of thing majorities.


>Senator Grassley’s Twitter Woke Up The Libs

>If you like a good fight, there is one brewing over Obama taking all these plane trips. Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley twited Obama and told him to get off his back, and that of Demos and Repubs alike, because they were back home working until midnight trying to pass health care.

I’m against a national health care plan, and I understand you are too. So why not click over to my Don White Portfolio story, which includes WP comments to the national story including my own. Enjoy the brawl.

>The Worst Kind of Hypocracy and Discrimination

>To have no choice in a matter — such as what kind of health insurance can I have — is the worst kind of discrimination. Government that does this is called autocratic. This borders of totalatarianism, and I’ll tell you why it is.

In strict communist countries like China and North Korea — where government decides everything for people — you have no choices. You do what they want or they put you in jail. That’s where we’re headed, but Americans have time. They need to wake up and complain to Congress and the Senate. The next thing Obama will do if he gets health care nationalized is he will start deciding what you can do and can’t. For example:
You must

  • go to bed at 10 p.m. and arise at 5 a.m.
  • work at a government owned factory
  • eat only foods prescribed by a government nutritionist
  • stop drinking alcohol and tea
  • Deli foods will be outlawed
  • Private restaurants that have food you like will be eliminated or restricted
  • Only certain brands of vegies, protein, and carbohydrates will be allowed

You see, nationalizing health care is only the beginning — the beginning to nationalizing everything in America. This country will look like Red China if we don’t wake up and see where Obama is heading with this. Read my article on Angst Blogger and let us facilitate your contacting your congressmen. Hurry, time is of essence because Obama vows to have socialized medicine in place by September.

Here’s the scenario. You get married to the greatest guy in the world and in a few months you’re pregnant. No problem, you say. You have health care and it covers pregnancy and obstetrics without deductible. You’re living in America, right, nothing can go wrong. But then one day, very close to your child birth, you read that the Senate and House — and President Obama — have passed a new national health care plan which eventually will become a single payer system. It will severely jeopardize what you can get paid and what you can’t. Because it will be an inferior kind of health care — not as liberal as the medical coverage you now have — you may decide not to have more kids. What a shame … to allow a Muslim like Obama (he said it last night, he’s a Muslim and his middle name is Hussein) taking away rights that as an American you thought were inviolable.

Click on over to my Angst Blogger site and read the entire story. We’ve set it up so you can immediately get your Congressman’s phone number to complain. You can also leave comments which we’ll pass on to your representatives in Washington. This may be your only chance to speak up. Obama wants to have socialized health care in place before September. read the article at Angst Blogger
Don White

>The Far Left: Ready To Ambush America


Dear Fellow Conservative:


Scary thought, isn’t it? Socialism under the guise of “change” in America!
But with Nancy’s and Harry’s loony, far-left Congress now teamed up with Obama’s “government can do do everything” administration, that’s about what we’ll have!
  • The highest peacetime government spending in history (by far) !
  • A federal takeover of health care and total loss of personal freedom in making health decisions.
  • An economic policy that will waste trillions on pork-barrel projects under the guise of “job creation”
  • National legislation to remove state protections of gun rights and restrictions on abortions
Not to mention tax increases, which will HAVE to come, given the trillion-dollar deficit the administration is proposing. All supported by the ultra-libera, “don’t-ask-any-questions” mainstream media!
BUT, there is still a voice for real conservatives … Reagan conservatives who are ready, willing, and able to stand up and fight for our historic greatness.
The American Spectator remains a beacon of conservative hope in this wacko political landscape … a voice for hard-working, middle Americans who still love and appreciate our country’s past and future greatness!
Our world-class investigative reporters … (remember those people who dig for the truth and don’t just parrot what the political “flaks” say) … uncover the dirt of the liberal left, unafraid to tell the truth to the American people with stories like:
  • “The Tax Cut Mirage” that exposed Democrat tax-cut proposals as nothing more than political payback to unions and other liberal cronies
  • “Obama’s Abortion Spending Spree” that showed the truth about the administration’s promises to skewer state restrictions on abortion and provide abortion-on-emand with tax-payer dollars
  • “Bubbleheads and Dupes” that chronicled the much-deserved decline in the New York Times because of its liberal bias and almost anti-American editorials
Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say about Upstream: “A splendid and inspiring must-read book … the essential story of the Conservative Movement.”
Your subscription bring you a full year of wit, humor, and laser-precision facts that have made The Spectator such a favorite of true, middle-American conservatives … and so feared by the liberal left!
BUT The American Spectator isn’t just
about Pelosi/Reid/Obama-bashing!
Throughout the Obama presidency, we pledge to continue to devote our world class writers to uncovering the lapses and lunacy of both the liberals and the we-forgot-who-we-are Republicans who are trying to ruin our country.
Month in and month out, we promise to continue to skewer the left wing liberals and support honest, heart-of-America ideals that are sought by you and other insightful patriots.
A subscription to The American Spectator brings you diverse and insightful articles and commentary by conservative journalism geniuses like
Michael Novak
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and More!
Plus you get the opinions and expertise of world-class AmSpec “bloggers” like
J. Peter Freire
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Doug Bandow
and more!
Join with other Americans who think like you do!
Subscribe to The American Spectator!
I’ve arranged with our subscription department to enter your subscription for just $39 (that’s 35% off the cover price … a real bargain) … and to send you a complimentary copy of Upstream as my personal gift if you are among the first 100 subscribers.
Your subscription will bring you not only the amusing, insightful, and honestly conservative articles you’re expecting … it also signs you upas part of the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” that Nancy and Harry fear so much!
And, you’ll help stop the left-wing socialist agenda that threatens our country … and relegate the thought of a long-term liberal dynasty to the ashbin of history.
Patriotically yours,
R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr.

>Obama Should Fire His Inept Staff


He Should Stop Playing Russian Monopoly!

Why is President Obama having trouble vetting appointments? That’s kid’s play. Why can’t he seem to get a handle on the economic crisis? Why is he so intent on trashing our democratic way of life?

“What’s wrong?” It all boils down to dishonesty.

The wrong president has FAILED to assemble the right key advisors? Maybe he should STOP and reconsider [put aside] his “Chicago Ways.” Importantly, he should re-screen his liberal cronies – put them to the test and if they fail, fire their butts.

Obviously, as Einstein inferred, if something’s not working you need to stop doing that which got us into trouble in the first place.

A big part of Obama’s problem is that he’s not an honest man. He knows better, but he still acts as if the “FDR depression” was not lengthened and worsened by Roosevelt’s big government spending programs.

The test? Yes, the test today, which Obama should administer to Axelrod and Emanuel and the others, is how fast can they think, how wise can they be? Can they learn anything new and adapt?

This requires not a set of static leadership and followership rules, but rules that are ever changing as the world changes. I fear for our country if Obama doesn’t quickly take a step back and look at what he has done and say, “No more!” And I suggest instead of Monopoly, his people must learn to play a “Carmen Sandiego” game where the board itself is ever changing. How’s that for flexibility and ability to multi task and adapt? But that’s precisely the game our global world requires of us, especially with the great amount of world political and economic instability coming from America’s tough opponents and the wild card personalities in this international terror game led by Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Raul Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Osama Bin Laden.

Sadly, if Obama has taught us anything it is that we are our own worst enemy.

Presidential leadership requires that Obama abandon his static rules of the game, that is that everyone act like staunchly wild party going, left-wing Democrats — that they stop playing the Monopoly of Communist Russia where government owns the utilities and railroads, Park Place, Marvin Gardens, and Boardwalk. It must be a “game” where government gets out of “property’ ownership altogether and leaves that to “we the people.”

Successful business leaders often do well in Washington. If Washington would recruit more topflight business executives, as Kennedy and Reagan did, which would have to include conservatives and liberals alike, it might ensure a less hazardous road ahead and better decision making for the new president. It was a shame that Obama’s loose spending ethics and big government end game made it impossible for Senator Judd Greg to become Commerce Secretary. But if you have to serve a “dictator” in order to serve your country, as conservatives, you and I may have made the same decision. Why presidents choose people of opposite persuasion is to improve the administration’s thinking. But it became abundantly clear that there was no room for conservative thinking in the speeding, out-of-control Obama “Yes We Can” train that has almost imploded America.

In his book the Art of the Long View, Peter Schwartz develops and explains scenario planning using computer simulations of possible futures that he used in his work at Shell Oil Company. He claims both businesses and governments can use these methods to determine the optimal, realistic, analytic, and imaginative outcomes that produce the desired results.

He said if you were born twenty years ago and are on top, or at least on your way, you likely have a “good helicopter” in your head. This means the ability to see the big picture and zoom down to focus on the key details simultaneously. He believes that people born in the last two decades of the twentieth century are “better equipped to have such helicopters. With its speed of change and uncertainty, the world educates young people to think. “I see the difference in kids now; they’re more sophisticated about the world, steeped in its complexities, with more sense of their own potencies,” said Schwartz/

In a game like “Monopoly” we follow a never-ending path around the board until somebody wins. In the world survival games we play today, however, like the “Carmen Sandiego” games, the board itself changes depending on what the players do. Regular exposure to such games, to cable news networks, to travel, and to new types of contact with other people will give you the intimate closeness to change that you need to understand it, and the words to describe what you are.

Schwartz believes that the challenges we face and the opportunities we have come from are important. Three major forces will form the context of our lives: New technologies of information, molecular engineering, and biology; solving the great divide that separate the haves from the have nots without dismantling our Western democratic, free enterprise way of life; and the force of ethnic diversity that has become America’s destiny and opportunity. How we handle all three of these will define our country’s future. So far, we seem to have struck out in the area of government intervention and Obama’s attempt to create a level economic playing field. It has been and will be a complete failure unless he steps back and re-examines the mistakes he has made and reverts to the good old fashioned way of job creation, where people buy stocks for their retirement and are able to see their investment create jobs instead of feeling the trauma of government ravaging those retirement funds with high taxes and with little or no leveling accomplished.

What we learn from Obama’s “romp” in the oval office and in the White House halls of history is crucial. What he learns is even more important. How we and our generation respond to these challenges and opportunities will determine what kind of future our children will have. And right now that’s not looking too rosy, thanks to the short sighted and profligate Obama administration.

The economic and political systems of the world are ever more intertwined at a global level. There is the possibility of a planetary society of enormous abundance, Schwarts says – a truly productive, open, and free world. But the process of producing that global economy poses many challenges, none the least the setting of America’s ship of state aright politically and economically.

America deserves what it got in Obama, an economic neophyte. He knows less than John McCain about the economy – and that’s really saying something because McCain is almost brain dead. No, our electorate let a golden moment pass us by, that of electing an economic genius president, namely Mitt Romney; and for that I blame the Republicans and John McCain’s dishonest heart, not the Democrats. Democrats and Republicans, alike, are responsible for not wanting to open up the presidency to a Mormon when it has already openly embraced a Catholic and now a half-Arab black former Muslim. But you have to remember, black men in America received the vote some 50 years before women sufferage came about [in 1919], so it’s only right — a black man was destined to be president before a white Mormon, wsn’t he?