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>Andy Stern-like Demonstrations – Send them To Greece

>You left wingers had better reconsider your opposition to the Arizona immigration. Soon it will be duplicated all over the country.

I strongly oppose the phony Latino call to repeal a wonderful new bill to enforce the law that has existed nationally for a long, long time. Their violent demonstrations were organized by the unions under the guise of spontenaity. They are union thugs that run these things. People like SEIU’s former leader, Andy Stern.He left that decrepit organization to start up a new one with a mission statement primarily aimed at creating violent demonstrations with your tax dollars. I’d say, ship them all to Greece if that’s what they want us to become.
You can see where the Obama malaise of looking the other way is ruining America. We have neither the money for these new people from Mexico and their families, nor the inclination to keep them here. Ergo, amnesty is not an option, despite Obama’s illegal efforts to make them feel at home here sitting at our dinner table, using and abusing our schools, and assuming large portions of social security they did not contribute to and medicare that will go under fast if we don’t do something about them.

Legal immigration – that’s the route to go. Just live according to the law. This is the problem with our country the past 30 years under progressive congressmen and presidents. And they’ve all been progressive, from Carter, George W. H. Bush, to Clinton, to George W. Bush, to Barak Obama. Down with the liberals and the idea that if you elect a republican you’re sure to get a conservative. Baloney. You might get another Bush.
Don White
Windermere, FL

— On Thu, 5/6/10, Rinku Sen  wrote:

From: Rinku Sen
Subject: The Right’s Not Stopping at Arizona
Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 11:33 AM

May 6, 2010 ColorLines Direct. News and commentary from ColorLines magazine and RaceWire blog. ] ]
The Far-Right Movement Behind Arizona Copycat Bills ]

State lawmakers pushing a new crop of immigration-enforcement bills are overwhelmingly affiliated with a network tied to eugenics and anti-Latino fear-mongering.

ALSO: Paterson Tries to Make New York the Anti-Arizona State [ ]

Applied Research Center releases statement condemning SB 1070 as an attack on immigrants and communities of color. Read the full statement on [ ].

Will Banks Be Held Accountable to Communities? [Video] []
Last week, while Congress stalled on bank reform, housing and labor advocates took back Wall Street. ColorLines took a camera down to the march to hear what protestors had to say to the banks.


racewire [ ]

*Immigration Law and Disorder* [ ]
Cops around the country warn that they can’t control crime if they’ve got to hunt civil visa violations, too.

*Lieberman Will Introduce Bill to Take Away Citizen’s Citizenship * []
Following the arrest of Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-born, US citizen who is said to have admitted to involvement in Sunday’s failed Time Square bombing, the airways and Congressional wings were buzzing with talk of how to strip the citizenship rights of citizens deemed connected to terrorism.
Where’s the Hate for Times Square Bomber? []*
Instead of explicitly focusing on the color of Faisal Shahzad’s skin or his country of origin, the immediate conservative grumbling has been about the rights his citizenship entitles him to. Would we be having this conversation if Shahzad were a white guy?

*Scenes from May Day Rallies Across U.S. [Video/Photos]* []
The nationwide May Day rallies drew tens of thousands of protesters-the largest turnouts since 2006, when anger over the Sensenbrenner Bill brought out more than 1 million protesters across the U.S. * ]*

*BP Exploits Jobless Fishermen Who Volunteer To Help With Cleanup [VIDEO]* []
It’s only been two weeks since the April 20 explosion on the BP drilling rig killed 11 workers fifty miles off the coast of Louisiana and triggered an oil spill, but already local environmental justice advocates are saying the impact on communities of color could do more to wipe out the local economy than Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the recession combined.

*  [ ]*

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