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>It Took Almost Eight Years To Get Him


Documents: Ivins had custody of purified anthrax

Remember the Anthrax enevelope scare seven years ago? Some madman was sending people letters laced with the deadly anthrax spores with certain genetic mutatuons. The Army and FBI had finally traced this dastardly scheme to kill people to an Army scientist named Bruce Ivins.

But why did it take so long? The report from the AP is that he had sole custody of these highly purified anthrax spores identical” to the poison that killed five people and rattled the nation in 2001. Apparently it took so long because certain documents were sealed and couldn’t be read due to some legal disfugalty. In case you don’t know, you English majors, “disfugalty” is the opposite of “fugalty” which is lack of conflict, and neither word is yet in the dictionary.

Who makes disfugalty? Bad judges and attorneys. I told you they could put all them in a boat and sink it at sea and the world would be none the worse off. Come to think of it, it would take a fleet of 500 super liners to do the trick–and that’s just the bad lot of them from America. I would be happy to be on the business end of the largest cannon.

Investigations take a long time, don’t they? Especially, those sponsored by the FBI or some other government entity. Part of it is because of the sensitivity training one must complete to be an FBi agent. Or haven’t you heard? They send them to Gitmo to ram down their brains the importance of agents not singling out Muslims, because we all know all one-eyed Muslims are not criminals or out to get us, or are they?