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>National ID Number Is Poison For Americns!


Dear friend,

What is it again the anti-gun politicians say will be all ours if we’d just give up our guns?

“Safety,” right? “Security?”

That’s the gun grabbers’ Big Lie.

And it’s the same Big Lie the anti-gunners are using to try and ram through a new “REAL ID” Bill — or more appropriately named, DANGEROUS ID.

That’s why I hope you’ll agree to help me fight back TODAY.

You see, President Obama and the rest of his anti-gun administration are upset.

Thanks to your help and folks just like you from all over the country, 23 states have come to their senses and REFUSED to comply with the original DANGEROUS ID Bill!

But Barack Obama and the gun grabbers aren’t giving up.

In fact, they’re going all out to ram “PASS ID” — the new DANGEROUS ID Bill — into law.

That’s the LAST thing we need.

In fact, we should be do everything we can to repeal DANGEROUS ID altogether!

But it won’t happen unless you act TODAY.

You see, the Obama Administration is trying to “sell” the new “PASS ID” bill introduced by Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) as a “softer, more palatable” version of the original DANGEROUS ID Bill.

Not surprisingly, it’s anything but.

Just like the old bill, the new DANGEROUS ID Bill is nothing more than a transparent attempt to establish a National ID System.

And since drivers’ licenses are required to purchase firearms, DANGEROUS ID will almost certainly be used to create a national gun registry.

Have a conceal carry permit?

Well, conceal carry information is virtually always included in state police databases, so your permit would be “registered” in the Federal Government’s new National ID system as well.

Of course, all that’s bad enough — but that’s not even close to the end of it.

You see, the anti-gunners tipped their hand during the debate over the original DANGEROUS ID Bill.

Using the original draft of the legislation, they were going to link the National ID database with Mexican and Canadian ID databases.

And the new DANGEROUS ID Bill’s photograph requirements follow the United Nations biometric format standards to a tee.

Under these standards, government software can analyze facial characteristics and generate a unique identification number that includes not only your identity — but virtually any other information an international bureaucrat might want to know about you as well . . .

. . . like gun ownership, for instance.

Need I remind you that outside the United Nations headquarters stands a sculpture of a handgun with a knotted barrel?

If passed, DANGEROUS ID would allow Barack Obama‘s Surveillance Czar Janet Napolitano to establish virtually any standards she wants.

Retinal scans. Fingerprints. DNA information.

RFID tracking chips so anti-gun government goons can watch your every movement.