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>News From the Jewish People — Living Room Fund subsidizes Jewish Meetings at Community Center

article created on: 2009-01-15T00:00:00
The Mittleman Jewish Community Center and the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation accept applications from Jewish groups who wish to receive assistance from the “Living Room Fund.”
Established with initial funding from the Lois and Leonard Schnitzer Supporting Fund of the OJCF and the Lora and Jim Meyer Family Fund of the OJCF, the Living Room Fund enables more Jewish organizations to hold meetings and events at the MJCC by subsidizing rentals. The fund is administered by the OJCF.
All Jewish groups are eligible to apply for funding for events to occur at the MJCC (although events designed for fundraising are not eligible.)
In an effort to make the application process as easy as possible, applicants need only to write a one-page letter describing the organization’s mission, the specific meetings or events for which the subsidy is sought, and the amount needed. The MJCC will review the submissions and make a recommendation to the OJCF. All Jewish organizations are eligible for anything except fundraisers.
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