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>Ten Highest Rated Discrimination Sites


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  10. Book results for Discrimination in America

    The Psychology of Prejudice and Discriminationby Jean Lau Chin1000 pages
    In Search of Equality: The Chinese Struggle …by Charles J. McClain385 pages
    Sexual Minorities: Discrimination, Challenges …by Michael Sullivan253 pages
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>Stop Discriminating Against Women!


Military Problem Hurts Recruiting

Reader David W. Keefe dares to suggest that the U.S. military return to the old system of segregating men and women, keeping women far from combat and assigning them duties “consistent with their unique physical and emotional attributes” (“Assault Crime Solution That Dare Not Speak Its Name,” Letters, Oct. 13). Hurrah!

I have five brilliant, talented daughters, most of whom would love to serve in the military if a traditional option, such as the service many women did in World War II, were available. But as a family we cannot begin to consider military service under the current system that exposes our women to sexual assault from within, and combat and capture from without. My daughters also don’t wish to complicate battle by adding their own need for protection to the duties of their comrades in arms. Let’s be honest, the most honorable of our fighting men should and do feel an extra burden when women are present.

Unfortunately, our military is missing some of its best and brightest contributors who are waiting for feminists to allow us to be female.

Kay Buccola
Woodinville, Wash.