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>Selling Chevys


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>Big Three Get Bush Help

> Bush Aids Detroit, but Hard Choices Wait for Obama
A $13.4 billion loan to General Motors and Chrysler may be followed by $4 billion more if the Obama administration finds sufficient progress.

After Lifeline, Big 3 Are Still in Deep
Planned changes at G.M. and Chrysler are necessary in the short term, but they offer few fresh ideas, and no company can keep cutting its way to prosperity.

Madoff Scheme Kept Rippling Outward, Across Borders
Bernard L. Madoff’s fraud, the first worldwide Ponzi scheme, lasted longer, reached wider and cut deeper than anything like it in history. Homepage

>Doofus Bush Blunders Again With Money To Detroit

>by Don White

A few days ago George Bush was interviewed about aid for the autoworkers. His eyebrows raised and he looked puzzled. Shooting the journalist a quizzical look, he said, “I’m still considering what I should do or not do regarding that question.”

“But, Mr. President, this is important, how long will it be before you’ll have an answer?”

He equivocated, pursing his lips in prevarication and replied: “It’ll be a few more days, at least.” You can tell when he’s lying. “Read my puckered lips.” He had already made up his mind, but this was a conservative reporter and he couldn’t hit her with the truth.

Then he jetted to various places like Iraq. There, he ducked a couple of shoes thrown at him by an irate Iraqi journalist and that got him thinking. What will my legacy be? I’m certainly not considered a George Washington in this country. If they hate me in Dahuk, will they love me in Detroit? How will America think of me in ten years? What do they think of me now, besides being a big doofus? Will they say, “Oh, yeah, Bush II, he was the one who took out America’s auto-making industry because he refused to chip in a few billion bucks?

That’s really what was on his mind, his legacy, not the good of America.
This is what is wrong with America. First, we elect an elitist African Arab, rock-star-wanna-be basketball player to be our leader, Barak Obama, without figuring out if community planning and oval office mojo are the same. Oh, but he promises “change,” I almost forgot. But change to what? More government, higher taxes, higher fuel costs–remember, they’ll go skyrocketing out of sight because he’s not high on gas? Oh,yeah! He’s high on gas alright, his own premium brand. He is only in it for the prestige and the legacy. He saw what a very unpopular president, Bill Clinton, did after he almost got kicked out of office. Bill travels the world giving speeches, writing reports and books, raking in millions of dollars by telling Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other exotic Southwest Asian countries like Bahrain what beautiful people they are.

One morning, Obama woke up and said “I could do that.” But first, he thought, I must conquer the will of the American people. Then it’s the world. If ever there was an egomaniac it was Barak Obama. But George Bush must have similar feelings–all presidents do. I make exceptions for the good guys like Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, and George Washington.

But Bush is going to give away $17.4 billion to the auto makers. No, that’s an incorrect statement. He’s giving it to the poor Michigan and Alabama auto workers who only make $70-$80 per hour already. Their lobbying effort paid off big. But the money is only a shot in the arm. It won’t save the American companies, just delay their demise, which is the worst of all scenarios.

By taking money from those of us who make $15 an hour and giving it to those that make five times more this is expected to seal Bush’s legacy? Wrong. It will only make the rich richer and the poor poorer; it will make America hate him more when we wake up and condemn that action as a catalyst to the disaster of depression awaiting us.