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Best Hospitals

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Diary of a Hospital

(Jim Lo Scalzo for USN&WR)

Atop the Vanderbilt helipad, LifeFlight nurses transfer a car accident victim to a gurney. In 2007, the crew made 3,000 retrievals from outlying areas.

5 Days at Vanderbilt Medical Center

An inside look at how this Nashville hospital earns a spot on the Honor Roll.

Photo Essay

(Charlie Archambault for USN&WR)

Nurse Anisa Metiri triage nurse at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx NY.

Walk in the Shoes of an ER Nurse

A busy shift at Montefiore Medical Center’s Weiler Division in the Bronx, N.Y., highlights the pressures on a triage nurse Anisa Mertiri.

hospital amenities

Close-up of woman eating dinner

Jazzing Up a Hospital Stay

Gourmet dining, fine art–some patients even get field trips.

Bernadine Healy, M.D.

Dr. Bernadine Healy on M Street in Georgetown.

Great Medicine Needs
Committed Patients

The hard work of getting well starts after you return home. Are you up to it?

Deciphering America’s Best Hospitals

Surgeon Tom Naslund (center) repairs a bulging aorta.

Methodology: Inside the Rankings

How 170 out of 5,453 hospitals and medical centers made the cut.

Fitness Buzz: Skinny Vacations, Overrated Trends, and More

Here’s what you may have missed this week in fitness, exercise, diet, and nutrition news.

What Obama’s Council on Women Means for Your Health

It could produce funding for research on ovarian cancer, HIV transmission, and gender disparities.

Economic Crisis Is ‘Unfortunate Opportunity’ for Health Researchers

Downturn is a natural experiment for scientists studying the health effects of socioeconomic factors.

Plastic Water Bottles: Should You Avoid the Disposable Kind, Too?

You knew hard plastic poses risks. Now, harmful chemicals have also been found in throwaway bottles.

7 Ways to Green Your Exercise Routine

Here’s how to tread lightly on the Earth as you’re working out.