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>Will Obama Arrest Bloggers?

>Is the following story from the Russian and Georgian sphere of influence a prelude to what Obama has in mind for all those conservative bloggers who oppose him?

If you’ll note, by coincidence or otherwise, the satire depicts a donkey which is symbol of the American Democratic Party. The youth involved were sorry that their government had cracked down on freedom of the press, so they tried the Internet. And they seemed to be gathering a loyal audience by using satire. They were not being critical of American leaders, but of Azerbaijan leaders who they said were paying too much for donkeys brought into the country.

Read the NY Times story and see if you see some areas of concern here in America. If you don’t, why then is Obama so acutely peeked each time a Rush Limbaugh, Neil Bortz, Dennis Miller, Michael Medved, Sean Hanity, Glen Beck, and Bill O’Reilly criticize him, sometimes by use of satire.

Sometimes the critical comment is satire and places the president unwillingly in the limelight, pointing fingers of blame for the mess he’s made of this so-called recovery. Making our long-eared president the brunt of laughter and ridicule. In America, such satire and negative comment is called “fair comment” under the First Amendment.

But is Obama primed to take away our First Amendment rights?

Read the story and you decide if the following will come to America.

In Azerbaijan, a Donkey Suit Provokes Laughs and, Possibly, Arrests


A frame from a video that mocked Azerbaijan’s government, which had been accused of paying high prices for donkeys.

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Published: July 14, 2009

MOSCOW — Late last month, a group of Azeri bloggers posted their latest tongue-in-cheek opus, a video in which a donkey holds a news conference before a circle of gravely nodding journalists.

Dressed in a voluminous gray costume, Adnan Hajizada rhapsodizes over the lush life awaiting donkeys in Azerbaijan. To his audience — cosmopolitan young Azeris following his commentaries on blogs and Facebook — the video was a sly send-up of the government, which had been accused in the local news media of paying exorbitant prices to import donkeys.

Mr. Hajizada, 26, and his fellow activist Emin Milli, 30, were arrested last week in Baku, the capital, in an event their supporters say could signal the beginning of a crackdown on online media. Azeri authorities said the two physically attacked other men, though witnesses have challenged that account. They are awaiting trial on charges of hooliganism, which carries a sentence of one to five years in prison.

According to a motion filed by Mr. Hajizada