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>Foreclosures Are The Name of The Game

>More ordinary people are investing in foreclosures and the reason is simple; there are far more of them this time around.

The current housing recession is somewhat unique. It isn’t really just a downturn, it’s like a depression out there. Drive down any street in America–especially in newer suburbs–and see burned out lawns and signs everywhere.

Get out of the car and peer into some of the dirty windows. Chances are the house has been empty for months. It may even have a red tag on the door indicating foreclosure, but don’t count on it.

This market is blatent. Even a novice can detect opportunity. But most novices have no money and can’t do anything about it. A friend in Kissimme, Florida was able to pick up a four-bedroom, two thousand square-foot starter home for $85,000. It sold new eight months earlier for over $200,000.

Here’s how you too can unlock the door of opportunity. You need the basics, but you must also act fast once you find what you’re looking for.

There are real estate people with websites advertising these “bargains,” but be careful.