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>Is "The Coming Insurrection" Already Here?

>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

February 16, 2011
On Today’s Program

Sunshine and lollipops in Egypt? Reporter sexually 
assaulted during celebrations

Remember how the leftist media was so excited about the “peaceful” 

revolution in Egypt? Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski even said that 
based on the pictures it went “pretty damn well”. Well tell that to 
Lara Logan, a CBS correspondent who was sexually assaulted while
 covering the “celebrations” in Egypt that followed Mubarak’s resignation. 
Glenn gave his reaction on radio this morning.

NYU Fellow posts appalling Tweets: What disgusting, horrible 

things did a NYU fellow (who has now resigned) have to say about 
the assault on Logan? Get the full story at The Blaze.

“The 7…Live”: We told you ANYTHING can happen! Due to technical 

difficulties we have to delay the show a day – “The 7…Live” will air 
TOMORROW at 2 pm ET. Peggy Dayton was in an abusive relationship, 
both physical and mental, and she appeared on the very first episode. 
She turned to drinking to dull the pain. Tomorrow at 2pm, Dr. Ablow will
 talk with Peggy to see how she has been progressing, plus will check in with 
Dave from last week. Get motivated. Get inspired. Watch tomorrow’s 
episode and enjoy previous episodes for FREE HERE.
Welcome Back Imam!

The media continues to neglect the warning signs coming out 

of Iran, but thankfully Glenn’s research team was able to track 
down the latest statements from Ahmadinejad talking about the 
“final revolution” currently being guided by the Twelfth Imam. 
“The final move has begun.  We are in the middle of a global 
revolution managed by the dear 12th Imam.  A great awakening 
is unfolding.  One can witness the hand of the Imam in managing it.”  
What did Glenn have to say? (Not a shocker – this is not good). 
Get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Want more on the Twelfth Imam? Check out our exclusive 

documentary Rumors of War.

From Cairo to Madison: Worker unrest spreads – 

Get all the detail from The Blaze.
Why Republicans Should be Worried

A wealthy U.S. citizen, who’s neither a Republican nor Democrat,
recently issued a major warning about a huge event in 2011 which
could affect every American. If you have any political ties, or
concerns about the future of our nation, I encourage you to
read this warning right away.

Watch his free video presentation HERE.

Caliphate all over the place

“Caliphate” has shown up more in the past few weeks than 

it has in the past two decades! Is Glenn solely responsible 
for bringing the term back into the national discourse?  Get 
the full story from The Blaze.

Scattered Showers of Journalism

Did a journalist actually report on Obama’s attempt to 

spin his latest budget proposal? Did someone really dare 
to ask The President a follow-up question? Glenn gives 
his reaction to one of the few reporters actually doing 
their job and Obama’s sloppy attempt to explain his 
statements which were full of half-truths and even lies. 
Get the full story

From TV last night: Make your own budget cuts – 

use this tool to see the kind of cuts that need to 
be made but no one is making…

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Tonight on TV: Glenn dives further into the Coming 

Insurrection spreading across the Middle East. Egypt, Iran, 
Bahrain. And now it’s coming to Middle America? Glenn 
will have the story tonight at 5 pm only on The Fox 
News Channel.