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>Pictures of Ed McMahon’s House In Famous Beverly Hills, California

The McMahon home appears to have ten-foot ceilings for the bedroom. This may be a second-story bedroom and if so it is certainly impressive enough. In today’s luxury homes, it is not uncommon to see 12-foot ceilings throughout. Sometimes homes have 18 or 20 foot atrium or entry ceilings just for the impression. Designers have found that the visual affect of high ceilings is spaciousness. The room may be no larger than another with a nine-foot or ten-foot ceiling, but the visual affect is stunning. You feel like you’re in a much larger room. The result is a very pleasing ambiance and sense. Below is Ed’s study. What impresses me most is the size of the prints and photographs–very impressive–not the size of the room.
If you have a relatively small office or study, try making it look bigger by using larger prints and artwork.
The swimpool below looks to be about 15 to 18 feet wide by maybe 40.