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13:11 Jan 24 2009

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pic_arr[0] = "/mediafile/200901/24/F200901241125272576531910.jpg";
link_arr[0] = "/90001/90776/90883/6580562.html";
text_arr[0] = "UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Friday sent a message to the Chinese people and the ethnic Chinese across the world to wish them happy new year as the traditional Chinese Spring Festival draws near.";

pic_arr[1] = "/mediafile/200901/24/F200901240919223238029112.jpg";
link_arr[1] = "/90001/90783/91300/6580654.html";
text_arr[1] = "The crew members of the Chinese cargo ship Zhenhua 4 are greeted during a commendation ceremony at Changxing Island Port in Shanghai, east China, Jan. 23, 2009.";

pic_arr[2] = "/mediafile/200901/24/F200901240927232726718025.jpg";
link_arr[2] = "/90001/90783/91300/6580524.html";
text_arr[2] = "Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated worldwide " ;

pic_arr[3] =
link_arr[3] = "/90001/90783/91321/6580345.html";
text_arr[3] = "Homeless Palestinian Muhammed Abdu-Rabi sits at his temporary shelter in Gaza, Jan. 22, 2009. Muhammed lost two daughters and his house in the conflict.";


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• China’s economy grows 9% in 2008
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