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>Is It Legal For Black Judges To Discriminate?


This story came from my brother-in-law who started his career as a pharmacist in Las Vegas, Nevada with a gun in his face. Imagine that, your first day on the job you get held up by someone wielding a gun. frightening!!

abd we talk discrimination

A white pharmacist recently shot and killed a masked armed robber, who turned out to be black.

The idiot DA charged the pharmacist with first degree murder, so now the pharmacist is in front of an black, angry, female judge.

First, she set his bail so high that even the idiot DA was mystified and asked her to reduce it. She refused.

When an anonymous person posted bail for the pharmacist the black female judge said he had to turn over all his weapons as a condition of bail. (Innocent until proven guilty? Not for white men).

Yesterday, at the hearing to confirm the pharmacist had turned over all his weapons, the pharmacist’s lawyer announced that he had accepted all the weapons as payment for legal fees, thus there were no weapons for the pharmacist to turn in. (Slick).

The angry black female judge then demanded to know how many weapons the pharmacist had owned. The pharmacist’s lawyer, and even the DA, said it was an unfair question. That answering it could incriminate him and be used against him. The judge threatened to throw the pharmacist in jail if he did not answer.

Google “Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure” to find out what happened next.