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>Rick Jackson Over Los Roques, Venezeula


High over Los Roques

Printable Published! In JPG Magazine Issue 14

by Rice Jackson

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High over Los Roques

Sometimes great travel experiences just require taking a chance. So I paid a small fee and strapped myself into an ultra light aircraft (hang glider with a motor) pinned against the back of the pilot. In a heart beat we were in the 25 knot trade winds trying to make some headway against them before turning for a quick spin around the island downwind and finally landing (best part of plan). We spiraled down toward the foot of the runway racing over the village and beach below us. I traced the whole path with my camera, freezing in part the life and livelihood of the island residents. I was so excited when I landed, I did it again the next day. Gran Roque, Los Roques, Venezeula. 1997