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>Gun Lovers Beware: E.J. Dionne Is On The Loose


Arm the Senate!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Isn’t it time to dismantle the metal detectors, send the guards at the doors away and allow Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights by being free to carry their firearms into the nation’s Capitol?

I’ve been studying the deep thoughts of senators who regularly express their undying loyalty to the National Rifle Association, and I have decided that they should practice what they preach. They tell us that the best defense against crime is an armed citizenry and that laws restricting guns do nothing to stop violence.

If they believe that, why don’t they live by it?

Why would freedom-loving lawmakers want to hide behind guards and metal detectors? Shouldn’t NRA members be outraged that Second Amendment rights mean nothing in the very seat of our democracy?

Congress seems to think that gun restrictions are for wimps. It voted this year to allow people to bring their weapons into national parks, and pro-gun legislators have pushed for the right to carry in taverns, colleges and workplaces. Shouldn’t Congress set an example in its own workplace?

So why not let Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) pack the weapon of his choice on the Senate floor? Thune is the author of an amendment that would have allowed gun owners who had valid permits to carry concealed weapons into any state, even states with more restrictive gun laws. The amendment got 58 votes last week, two short of the 60 it needed to pass.

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Judging by what Thune said in defense of his amendment, he’d clearly feel safer if everyone in the Capitol could carry a gun.

“Law-abiding individuals have the right to self-defense, especially because the Supreme Court has consistently found that police have no constitutional obligation to protect individuals from other individuals,” he said. I guess that Thune doesn’t think those guards and the Capitol Police have any obligation to protect him.

He went on: “The benefits of conceal and carry extend to more than just the individuals who actually carry the firearms. Since criminals are unable to tell who is and who is not carrying a firearm just by looking at a potential victim, they are less likely to commit a crime when they fear they may come in direct contact with an individual who is armed.”

In other words, keeping guns out of the Capitol makes all our elected officials far less safe. If just a few senators had weapons, the criminals wouldn’t know which ones were armed, and all senators would be safer, right? Isn’t that better than highly intrusive gun control — i.e., keeping people with guns out of the Capitol in the first place?

“Additionally,” Thune said helpfully, “research shows that when unrestricted conceal and carry laws are passed, not only does it benefit those who are armed, but it also benefits others around them such as children.”

This is a fantastic opportunity. Arming all our legislators would make it safer for children, so senators could feel much more secure bringing their kids into the Capitol. This would promote family values and might even reduce the number of highly publicized extramarital affairs.

During the debate, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) quoted a constituent who told him: “When my family and I go out at night, it makes me feel safer just knowing I am able to have my concealed weapon.”

Why shouldn’t Vitter feel equally safe in the Capitol? Why should he have to go out on the streets to carry a gun?

The pro-gun folks love their studies. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) offered this one: “A study for the Department of Justice found 40 percent of felons had not committed certain crimes because they feared the potential victims would be armed.”

That doesn’t tell us much about the other 60 percent, but what the heck? If it’s good enough for Barrasso, let the good senator introduce the amendment to allow concealed carry in the Capitol.

Barrasso already dislikes the District of Columbia’s tough restrictions on weapons. “The gun laws in the District outlaw law-abiding citizens from self-defense,” he complained. So go for it, Senator! Make our nation’s Capitol an island of firearms liberty in a sea of oppression.

Don’t think this column is offered lightly. I want these guys to put up or shut up. If the NRA’s servants in Congress don’t take their arguments seriously enough to apply them to their own lives, maybe the rest of us should do more to stop them from imposing their nonsense on our country

Here were my comments in the Washington Post to the above article.

Without the sarcasm, Dionne might have said something smart. As it stands the Post just let this “little” man fart all over honest men, women, and children. So he doesn’t think carrying a gun works against criminals — so what? The fact remains, it does work. At armed Korean shops in LA during the riots, the thugs and looters let them alone. If I were a shop owner in New York or any large crime-ridden city I would want several guns at my disposal. If someone had a gun on your cashier, one shotgun blast in the offender’s legs would stop that. Soon the word would get around and every pick-pocket and thug in NY would be on notice — this owner is for real. I believe the Gun Lobby in the Senate should take Dionne up on his puny challenge.

Don White

>Folks Are Angry At Washington


Enough at Tea Time

On April 15, more than 2,000 Tea Parties were held across the country, many with thousands in attendance. These weren’t dainty luncheon ceremonies. They were protests, named after our revolutionary Boston Tea Party.
In Washington, D.C., it rained like the dickens, but people still came out to say “Enough.” Regular folks sounded off. They work hard, and they’ve had enough of paying the bills for politicians and favored political interests.
Some big media personalities and major political figures showed up. Governor Rick Perry of Texas spoke at the Austin, Texas event. He’s called the federal government “oppressive.” In South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford told folks that “Real change begins in the hearts and minds of people who are willing to stand . . . against an ever-encroaching government.”
Meanwhile, much of television news media behaved badly, trying to marginalize or even demonize the protests as “anti-government.” CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen was particularly argumentative, suggesting to one guy that he should be grateful for the $50 billion President Obama was sending to his state.
When a woman protester accused Roesgen of slanted coverage, she asked the woman why she was there. “We’re here,” the woman responded, “because we are sick and tired of the government taking our money and spending it in ways that we have no say in. We have no say whatsoever.”
And that’s what has to change. The people must be heard. Not just on one day, but every day.
This is Common sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

>Is Tlhe Economy Spiraling Out of Control?


Obama Economic Projections Flawed
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Sharper Downturn Clouds Obama Spending Plans
The economy is spiraling down at an accelerating pace, threatening to undermine the Obama administration’s projections of growth in years to come.

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>Common Labor Isn’t At The Bottom

>“Dignify and glorify common labor. It is at the bottom of life that we must begin, not at the top.”

Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)

A hundred years ago common laborers were at the bottom rung of society. No, that isn’t even correct, they made more money than school teachers even then as they do today.

The common labor “card” was played recently by the big labor union AFL-CIO in their plea to get us “common laborers” to bail out auto makers’ laborers who make $70 to $80 per hour.

That sounds good until you realize that we who are making only $15 per hour are bailing out the elite of all labor, the GM, Chrysler, and Ford laborers. It doesn’t sound right, and it isn’t right. But George Bush was more concerned about perceptions than facts when he gave them $17.4 billion of “our” money. After all, his precious legacy and name were on the line. “What will people think of me?”

Big labor also cried that America would no longer be able to create war materiale, which is bunk, a convenient lie. Left to make that kind of machinery are the real makers of military hardware, the Boeings and Lockheed Martins of America. Who needs GM, Ford and Chrysler to make war planes, tanks, and guns when they do such a poor job of making cars?

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