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>Bow Down To King and Queen Obama!


Love is in the British air as
news outlets chronicle the
Obamas’ G-20 Summit trip.

The liberal media have seized on the First Couple’s trip to London for the G-20 summit as yet another opportunity to revel in Obama-gasmic rapture—reporting in seemingly choreographed unison on what they are calling our “American Royalty.”

On NBC’s Nightly News, Brian Williams referenced the Obamas’ “star power” and was positively glowing as he set up his version of the Obama puff-piece:

“One London paper today called them ‘American Royalty.’ The President’s one thing, but millions of people are just watching Michelle Obama, wondering what she will wear, wondering where she will show up next.”

The CBS Evening News couldn’t resist the First Lady either, devoting an entire full-length “news” segment to what they dubbed “Michelle Mania.” Katie Couric giggled: “The British give America’s First Lady a welcome fit for a Queen.”

This is just a sampling of all of the “hard-hitting” coverage the “Lamestream Media” have delivered on the Obamas’ trip. In fact, so saccharine sweet and singularly fixated were their accolades one could almost forget the world of economic turmoil, suffering and strife “America’s Royalty” had just left behind.

But then again, isn’t that exactly what the liberal media want us to do?

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