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>Did The Big Trip Backfire In Obama’s Face?


Presidential candidate John McCain has released a new ad comparing rival Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and questioning his readiness to lead.

The women above have an entertainment following, especially among younger Americans. But McCain believes Barak Obama, like the girls, is a gossip lightning rod and is be “the biggest celebrity in the world.”

A McCain campaign video was just released featuring Barak. The narrator asks “Is he ready to lead?” and proceeds to list off a series of vague positions supposedly held by the Democratic Illinois Senator.

Just back from a two week junket abroad which was expected to distance Obama from his presidential rival, Obama’s numbers have not borne out what pundits predicted–that he would have a ten to 15 percent lead over McCain because of all the publicity Obama received at the hands of America’s liberal press who view Obama as their “darling.”

The candidates are in a dead heat by some polls. Some even have McCain leading Obama, prompting people to say that the glitzy trip actually backfired in Obama’s face.