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>A War Within A War


Prepare For The War Within

by Don White
One of the dangers of investing all our attention might, power, and money in a corrupt system, the U.S. monetary system, is that there will be insufficient attention and funding for the war against terrorism. That war is now being prosecuted in Iraq and Afghanstan, to the exclusion of what is going on right here under our noses. We’re more vulnerable than any time in history. This weekend the NY Subway System is under “high alert” against terrorist attack.
As I write, TV news is reporting 78 people killed in a massive terrorist attack in India. Terrorists are holding many hostages and are asking for large ransom amounts to release the people held captive. This is going on in the peaceful land of India in their financial capital (as New York is ours and was attacked on 9/11) of Mumbai. It is perpetrated by those wanting the downfall of the world financial system.
We are not safe here in America. We failed to build our wall to protect our borders, and we allowed the infiltration of thousands of people who hate America and vow to help cause another civil war within our borders.
If you’re a fan of science fiction, perhaps you can find something that miraculously saves a nation in peril. Maybe a Superman, Spiderman, or James Bond. But let’s be realistic. Why not read about an ancient nation that actually was under siege and what they went through to ward off the aggressors?
This war of antiquity was a continual war occurring over hundreds of years during the Book of Mormon times here on the American Continent. It eventually caused the downfall of the Nephite nation which was a God-fearing nation, much like ours.
If you can get your hands on a Book of Mormon—every Mormon Missionary has them–read the account found in Chapter 60 of the Book of Alma. Read about how Captain Moroni complains to national leader Pahoran who is trying to keep his nation from entering civil war from within, and at the same time trying to provide food and provisions for his Army out on the frontier away from the Nephite capital of Zarahemla . It’s a captivating story, and there are some distinct parallels with life in America today. Two wars went on at once. The King Men, citizens of the Nephite nation, wanted to change the form of government from a representative form to a dictatorship—to give all the power to a king, creating an immediate emergency for the Nephites in their capitol city. The good people were driven out of the city by the King Men who set up this dictatorship.
The King Men were receptive to having the aggressor nation of the Lamanites actually come to Zarahemla and help them rule the Nephites who then would be
transformed into slaves because of the hatred the Lamanites had for the God-fearing Nephites.
Communications weren’t what they are for us today in America. A man named Captain Moroni, hero of this segment of the Book of Mormon, was requesting aid from home and not getting it. He had to mount a horse, picking up men who would fight for the preservation of his country in every town he entered.
As he rode toward Zarahemla, Captain Moroni collected a large army of men and came against the King Men, toppling their government and saving the nation. Then he turned his attention to getting food and provisions to his soldiers fighting the war with the Lamanite Nation out on the frontier. Both the Lamanites and the King Men had vowed to take down the representative government. It’s a great book, and it is free of charge if you can find a missionary or a member of the Mormon faith.
Keeping our nation safe from without has not been a problem with President Bush in power. But soon we will have an inexperienced leader, one who apparently wants to serve by committee, one who did not serve in the military in any capacity. There have been several inside-America plots to destroy the country. Thanks to the resourcefulness of security forces, including the FBI, NCIS, CIA, Secret Service, and other security forces, we have so far been able to thwart this threat from within, just as we have won the war in Iraq and can win it again in Afghanistan.
The similarities between Book of Mormon times, between 400BC and 600AD, and our times today as recorded in a book published in 1830 are starkly analogous and real.
If you would like a free copy of his book, send me an email and I’ll see that you get one without charge and without mailing costs.
Don White
Captain Moroni’s last words in Alma 60 is this enthusiastic, faith-building declaration:
“Behold, I am Moroni, your chief captain. I aseek not for power, but to pull it down. I bseek not for honor of the world, but for the glory of my God, and the freedom and welfare of my country. And thus I close mine epistle.”