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>Obama Has Banned Guns


Obama bans nearly 1 million rifles
Dudley Brown 

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To: Donald White 

Dear Donald,
Did you know that Barack Obama has banned nearly a million American made rifles?
Nearly a million rifles.
Banned by Barack Obama and his anti-gun cronies.
In an executive order the Obama Administration has secretly blocked the re-importation of American made M-1 Garand and Carbine rifles being stored in South Korea.
These rifles were used by the US military during the Korean War and left there after the war was over.
With one stroke of his pen, he by-passed the legislative process and banned nearly a million American made rifles by executive fiat.
That’s why I instructed my staff to prepared a petition and video against Obama’s Historic Rifle Ban.
Click here to watch the video and then sign the petition to President Obama and congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid stating your opposition to the Historic Rifle Ban.
Make no mistake, these rifles were made in America, by Americans and used by American soldiers to defend freedom on foreign shores and are greatly sought after by American shooters and collectors.
Now State Department officials claim these antique, collector rifles could be used to commit crimes.
While the radical anti-gun crowd is giddy with praise for Obama’s latest back-door gun ban, law-abiding citizens across the United States are crying foul.
These outrageous claims are a thinly veiled attempt to distract from Obama’s special interest payback to the radical anti-gun crowd. This desperate pandering must not be allowed to continue.
That’s why we’ve prepared a petition and video against Obama’s Historic Rifle Ban.
It has been common practice since the end of World War II to re-import these American made rifles from the foreign allies they were lent to after the war.
During the Reagan Administration a similar import request for 200,000 Garand rifles was approved.
State Department officials say they are working with South Korea to “dispose” of these American made rifles.
You and I both know that is bureaucratic code for the melting down and destruction of these iconic American made rifles.
On top of banning American citizens from owning these rifles, Obama’s State Department is arranging for the destruction of nearly one million historic, American rifles.
To help dispel some of the myths surrounding this iconic American rifle, Director of Operations Luke O’Dell interviewed M-1 Garand expert Rory Edwards.

Let me be clear: at no time in U.S. history has the ownership of any part of this gun been restricted or banned.
These firearms — truly pieces of American history — rightly belong in the hands of U.S. citizens, and Obama has banned nearly one million of them without cause.
Once you’ve watched the video, please sign the petition against Obama’s Historic Rifle Ban.
The National Association for Gun Rights’ staff will compile your petitions and forward them to President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Thank you, in advance for joining me in standing up against this outrageous anti-gun action.
For liberty,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
P.S. In a secret executive order, President Barack Obama has secretly blocked the re-import of nearly a million American made rifles.
That’s nearly a million historic rifles that Obama doesn’t want in the hands of American citizens like you and me.

Once you’ve seen the video and signed the petition, please chip in $15 or $20 to help the National Association for Gun Rights continue to fight Obama’s Historic Rifle Ban.