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>Move America Forward

>Below please find a special message from one who we wish we could call one of our advertisers here on Angstblogger, From time to time, we receive opportunities we believe you as a valued blogger and customer may want to know about. Please note that the following message does reflect the editorial positions of Angstblogger. No we’re never neutral, but speak up for and help our military men and women whenever we can. This time , your prayers aren’t enough. Dig deep and help send a CARE PACKAGE.

Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grass roots pro-troop organization, has launched a fantastic campaign to send the largest shipment of care packages to U.S. troops in history.

We are asking you to please join this effort by sponsoring a care package for our brave & noble military men and women who are currently serving in Iraq & Afghanistan – CLICK HERE to SEND CARE PACKAGES TO U.S. TROOPS.

Rush Limbaugh has signed on to this effort. So too has Former First Lady Nancy Reagan and the Office of General David Petraeus. Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.), Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Mark Levin have all signed on to help too.

Please let our troops know how much our grateful nation appreciates them: SPONSOR CARE PACKAGES – HERE.

Last week our troops overseas had to endure hearing the news reports about how some members of Congress were trying to cut off their funding. This follows attacks on our troops from Sen. John Kerry (who implied our troops were stupid), Sen. Harry Reid (who proclaimed our troops ‘losers’ in the middle of their mission), and Sen. Dick Durbin (who compared our troops to the Soviets and their gulags, Nazis and Pol Pot’s murderous regime). And then of course there was Sen. Jack Murtha who falsely accused Marines of atrocities in Haditha, Iraq that they never actually committed, but for which they were held in military prisons nonetheless.

With Friends Like These… Imagine serving in Iraq & Afghanistan, and hearing in the news that officials in your own government were attacking you, calling you stupid, or accusing you of torture and murder? This is what our troops face.

Imagine if you were one of our troops overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan. You’re out in 120-degree heat, carrying 50-75 pounds of body armor and equipment, day-in and day-out. Imagine the stress and strain of your missions each and every day, burdened with the knowledge in the back of your head that you may be shot at, injured or killed. And then you get back to base, tired, sweaty, covered in grime from head to toe – and there you see officials from your own government attacking you or accusing you of atrocities.

If our troops don’t hear and see support from us, then all they will hear and see is the negativity and criticism from the news media and liberal, anti-war politicians. That they have failed, that the war is lost, and that they are in a quagmire. We cannot let our military men and women serving overseas believe these lies from the voices of defeat in this nation.

Show our troops that Americans do support them, that we’re thinking about them and are grateful for all that they do. When you sponsor care packages through Move America Forward you can include a personalized message from you that will be printed on all the items in the care package. You can tell the recipient soldier / sailor / airmen / Marine / Guardsmen just how much you appreciate them.


Help us put a smile on a soldier’s face. Perhaps it will be your words printed on the items in the care package they receive that will provide one of our troops the inspiration to go out and do the best possible job, to carry on and keep going. Maybe your message will be the source of motivation to maintain a positive attitude even if they’ve had a tough day, or even if they turn on the news and once again see criticism and condescension from some ingrates back home in the media or on Capitol Hill.


To help us achieve history, and send the largest single shipment of care packages to U.S. troops overseas, we will be broadcasting “From the Front Lines” — a special 8-hour Internet telethon this Thursday, June 26th (4:00pm – Midnight/Eastern … 1:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific).

You can watch the program online at:

Click Here

“From the Front Lines” will be hosted by Melanie Morgan & Michelle Malkin. An unprecedented array of celebrities and patriotic leaders are teaming up to make this program a success these individuals will join the “From the Front Lines” broadcast

Rush Limbaugh
The Office of General David Petraeus
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Laura Ingraham
Monica Crowley
Actor Kelsey Grammer
John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting)
John Bolton (Former UN Ambassador)
Rich Lowry – National Review
Jed Babbin – Human Events
Matt Lewis –
Kyle-Anne Shiver – American Thinker
NBC’s Favorite Mom, Patti Patton-Bader
Cliff May – FDD
Larry Bailey, Gathering of Eagles
MilBlogger Matt Sanchez
Gold Star Mother, Debbie Lee
Gold Star Father, Mark Crowley
Brian Sussman – KSFO, San Francisco
Mark Williams – WROW, Albany
Martha Zoller – WDUN, Gainesville/Atlanta

Ann Coulter
Lt Col Oliver North (Ret.)
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin
G. Gordon Liddy
Comedian Jackie Mason
Kylie Williams, Miss Florida 2007
Navy Cross Recipient Marcus Luttrell
Kathryn Lopez – NationalReviewOnline
Joseph Farah – WorldNetDaily
Ron Kessler – Newsmax
Iraq War Vet. – Pete Hegseth, Vets For Freedom
Bev Perlson, Band of Mothers
Julie DeMaria, Operation Care & Comfort
Mike Connelly, EaglesUp
Vietnam War Veteran & Author, Ron Winter
Gold Star Father, Mike Anderson
Gold & Blue Star Parents Joe & Jan Johnson
Michael Graham – WTKK, Boston
Roger Hedgecock – KOGO, San Diego
… and more special guests!