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>New NYY Pitching Ace: Who Replaces Phil Hughes?


Introduction by Don White
We’re talking about a fourth starter to replace Phil Hughes. I don’t think there is any way that replacement for Hughes won’t be Bartolo Colon, the way he’s pitching. Freddie Garcia, also from the White Sox, is doing well enough to continue as the Fifth Starter.
Granted, Colon is 37. But he is throwing in the low nineties consistently and doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down anytime soon. Well, to that you must recall that Phil Hughes was doing likewise and he suddenly had this terrible injury pop up and his arm went dead. Doctors call Phil’s ailment “thoracic outlet syndrome.” Many come back, some do not. 
But in the meantime, the NYY have to do what is best for the team. That means trade for someone or use a pitcher currently signed and playing for the Yahnkees or in their farm system and that pitcher appears to be Colon..
Here are the names Nick Santa Maria picked:
1)  White Sox Pitcher Edwin Jackson, 27, ERA 5.70  I would bet against him.
2)  Manny Banuelos, 20, weighs only 150 and stands 5-11, but has a great fast ball. He now plays Double A-ball for the Trenton Yankees. He is good, but too young and inexperienced. The Thunder plays in the Eastern Division of the Eastern League and are the two-time defending league champions. If he gets to triple-A drive on over to Scranton. He currently plays in Mercer County Waterfront Park in Trenton, New Jersey. I would bet the Yankees leave him alone or bring him up to their Triple-A team in Scranton, Pennsylvania later in the year if he pans out like they think he will..
3)  Wandy Rodriquez, 32, of the Astros. This year he’s won only one game, losing three. His seven-year MLB record is 63-67 and the most games won was in 2009, 14-12. But playing for the Yankees he could go 16-9 for two to four seasons. I vote him out. The Yankees must do better than that if they expect to finish on top of the best-hitting American League East.
6’10”, 230-poundBret monster on the mount, Andrew Brackman
4)  Amdrew Braclmam, 25,. 6’10”, 230 pounds, is a “project.” That means he may pitch some out of the bullpen for the Yankees this year or he may play minor league ball.  Brackman started to put it together last year, pitching very well after a promotion to Double-A. He has a lot of “moving parts” and with that frame his pitch is hard to pick up by the batter; but Brackman is finally ironing his mechanics out, showing a good fastball and outstanding curve while working on a slider and change-up. As I say, he’s a project that may payoff big in a year or two–or later this season. but is not the replacement for Phil Hughes right now. The Yankees gave Brackman a large bonus, and he could start repaying them at some point in ’11.
5)  Brett Myers, 30, 6-4, 240, Astros. He has played 9 years with a record o 88-72, which isn’t bad for the teams he’s played for (Cubs and Astros) an ERA of 4.19, 99 pitches per game, and his WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched) is 1.34. I would say yes to this bearded big man. He may well be the Yankees fifth starter, but if you have any confidence about colon’s durability pitching in the low nineties go with the fat man. What would Brian Cashman have to give up for him? Plenty. I would rather go with Colon and give nothing.
Left-handed Giant pitcher Jonathan Sanchez
6)  Jonathan Sanchez, 28, Giants, 2-1 win-loss record in 2011. He has a 46-40 six-year life-time W/L history over   years and a 4.18 ERA  (4.45 in 2010) and a WHIP of 1.33 and 96 P/Gs. His ERA is a little high and his W/L totals aren’t great with six more losses than wins over six years. But he is improving and has ten more years in the league if he stays on track. He could well deliver 15 to 18 victories with the Yankees a year. I would have to see him to tell, but I did in the W/series and he was okay. 
Vinnie Cestone, the Giants featured columnist, had this to say about Sanchez’s consistency. ” Fast forward to Oct. 23, 2010. The Giants are battling the Phillies in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series in Philadelphia, needing a big start from their left-handed hurler. Although the Giants ended up winning the clinching NLCS game, Jonathan Sanchez had a night to forget, lasting just two innings, while walking two and surrendering two runs. His night came to a close after he drilled Chase Utley on the back, leading to a Sanchez/Utley confrontation where Utley flipped the baseball back to the mound after he was hit.
“Such is the inconsistency of the Giants’ left-handed enigma, Jonathan Sanchez. On one night, he can look just as good as Lincecum or Cain, but on another night, he makes Todd Wellemeyer look like Cy Young.”. That said, this is not the Yankees’ fifth starter, either. 
Dodger ace Chad Billingsley
7)  Chad Billingsley, 27, 6-1, 240, pitching for the Dodgers. Has a three-year 3.59 ERA, 1.35 WHIP and a 61-42 win-loss record. Billingsley looks like a Yankee and I would predict could win a lot of games for NYY before he is through. It does mean the Yankees must give something, maybe catcher Montero. If they do, so be it. this could be the one pitcher who could win for the Yankees. Take him, as insurance against Colon’s age if for no other reason. If Colon breaks down or gets injured this would be my choice for his replacement.
The Following Story is by Bleacher Report’s Nick Santa Maria

tt is very troubling to hear that Phil Hughes may have thoracic outlet syndrome, which will likely end his season. 
Many have bounced back from this career-changing injury (Kenny Rogers and Matt Harrison), and some have not (Jeremy Bonderman). 
Let’s hope Hughes’ injury is not too serious, and he comes back to full form soon.
For now, here’s some potential pitchers the Yankees should use to “phil” in for Hughes.

No one knows who truly will break down this season in the Yankee rotation. Will it be Colon or Garcia? Will it be Nova?
Or will nobody break down? 
I wanted to introduce potential pitchers for the Yankees to acquire at the deadline, while also throwing in some interesting options.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading, and best of luck to all of your favorite teams in the upcoming week