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>Goodbye, McCain – Liberals Like You Deserve Defeat!


JD Hayworth Header

From the office of J.D. Hayworth 2010
McCain 47 – Hayworth 42!

Your support is making a real difference in this race. In fact, the latest poll fromRasmussen Reports shows that J.D. Hayworth is now only 5 points behind John McCain in the Arizona GOP Primary. We have the “Right Momentum to Retire McCain!” 

Those same pollsters showed McCain ahead by 22 points when JD first got into the race and since then McCain has flooded the airwaves with attack ads and distortions. But J.D.’s campaign has fought back, on the radio and on the ground, aggressively contrasting J.D.’s rock-solid conservative credentials with McCain’s “Maverick” record. J.D.’s strategy was so successful that McCain even began to deny that he was ever a maverick. You read that right… McCain actually said that he never felt he was a maverick! 

Here is what Rasmussen says about this race: “McCain has been losing ground since January when he picked up 53 percent of the potential GOP Primary vote and Hayworth had only 31 percent.” 
Your donation of $10, $25, $100, or more will help us to purchase the advertising we need to spread the truth about J.D.’s record. Please help us keep the “Right Momentum to Retire McCain!”

John McCain is at 47 percent, AND FALLING!

  January March April
McCain 53% 48% 47%
Hayworth 31% 41% 42%
Other 7% 3% 2%
Not Sure 8% 8% 8%

“Any incumbent who is earning less than 50 percent of the vote at this stage of the campaign is considered vulnerable,” the Rasmussen release said. 

While John McCain may want to hide from his record, we are not going to let him. Whether it is his votes for amnesty, cap & trade, or the bailouts, the voters of Arizona need to hear the truth and then compare him to the Consistent Conservative, J.D. Hayworth.