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>Insipid Defense, No Real Offense: Chicago 2, Yanks 0

>There were some disappointing plays in the field and our Yankee hitters disappointed tonight as the White Sox shutout the vaunted Yankee bats, 2-0.

Derek Jeeter looks pathetic at the plate and on one play at shortstop that accounted for a run in the fourth inning.
It was a high popup just behind the mound and try as he did, Jeter couldn’t get there in time and the ball dropped for a base hit that eventually resulted in run number two for Chicago.

They got their first run on an error by Curtis Granderson in centr field. The former White Sox flash would normally make this play, but tonight a blooper straight at him confused Granderson. He thought it was hit harder than it was and when he belatedly put on some speed and dove, it was too late. The ball bounced in front of him and over his body that slid across the grass in a fruitless effort. That was good enough for a double and eventually the first run of the game.

A.J. Burnett threw a heck of a game, but not as good as the one-hit (from A-Rod) thrown by a young Chicago pitcher, Humber, who wasn’t even a starter. The Yankees normally would win this kind of game. Burnett threw a three-hitter, but Humber was better. He threw a seven-inning shutout.

But I’ll bet Ozzie Guillen will be soon starting this young Humber wiz kid. He was so sharp, with a moving fastball, curve balls and a change up that was so good he used it twice in succession on one hitter–I think on A-Rod who ended with one hit. The entire Yankee team only managed three hits as the White Sox shut down second baseman Robinson Cano who had hit safely before this game eleven straight outings.

I rewound my TV and watched an anemic swing of Jeeter. Rewound it several times and have him figured out. If the Yankees would call me or email me (Don White I could give some advice that could turn around Jeeter’s season. I don’t know what’s wrong with left fielder Brett Gardner. I think he will be tougher than Jeeter to turn around and I would recommend sending the speedy Gardner down to triple A ball for two to three weeks and let him figure out what he’s doing wrong all by himself.

But Jeeter is another question. Here’s what he must do to change the pathetic way he is attempting to hit a ball out of the infield.
1) Instead of crouching, as he does, I suggest he assume a stand-up stance, with the weight on the back foot, of course.
2) He could move an inch or two closer to the plate. He has the appearance that he is bending over way too much and reaching (which takes away all his power) for the balls on the outside corner instead of swinging through each pitch and with the ball. In other words hitting an outside pitch into right field.
3) His shifting of weight from back leg to front leg is horrible. I watched as he tried to shift his weight. He sort of lifts his left or leading foot up and sets it down, which is good for a struggling hitter. But by doing this he doesn’t know (memory muscles are misfiring) how to shift his weight from the back to the front leg. Jeet needs to watch a lot of film of good hitters–showing how they start out a swing and how they end up as the bat meets the ball. I suggest watching Mickey Mantle hit. He had a smooth swing. This may be to Jeeter’s disliking, but I suggest he watch A-Rod hit. Rodriquez still maintains a smooth swing and the shifting of weight is flawless. Watch him over and over again–or someone else like Mantle, or some old clips of Jeeter, himself.
4) But since I want to change his stance to a stand-up stance, I don’t want him watching himself. If film were available of me, he would see a semi-pro and college player who kept his weight back on his back foot and as the ball got in range shifted his weight flawlessly until the crack of the bat left him well balanced–with a perfect pivot having taken place and the legs stiff, because you hit with your legs–meaning you obtain your power from your legs and wrists and not from your arms as Jeeter is currently doing.
5) It’s tough tutoring someone from a distance, (Fly me in. For ten grand I’ll guarantee I can turn Jeeter around) but if he would just practice stepping (or lifting and setting down the front foot) and pivoting in a comfortable fashion as the ball nears home plate, I believe he can turn this around and hit three hundred this year.
6) Jeeter is very strong. He used to hit homeruns. But lately, even that has dropped off. I’d rather see him mimic A-Rod’s high step and pivot if that’s what it takes. But as we know, lately he has a mental hangup over anything A-Rod does. In his mind he is harboring bad feelings and he must get that off his conscience by talking to A-Rod, telling him he’s sorry if he did anything that hurt him or the Yankees. In other words, a true confession would be good for the soul. It would also improve Jeeter’s game, whether he knows it or not.