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>Obama, The Biggest Flip-Flopper Of All


A New TV Ad Exposes
“Both Ways Barack”

The liberal news media has been reporting Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign like the second coming of Christ.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says every time he sees Obama it sends “a thrill up my leg.”

And drooling reporters are acting as if Obama has already been elected our president.

But Obama has not been elected president. In fact, polls show this is going to be a very tight race.

Everything you and I do can make a difference.

That’s the reason for this blog today.

Let Freedom Ring wants to blanket America with the truth about Barack Obama.

Recently, Let Freedom Ring created its first ad to expose Obama.

Their “Both Ways Barack” 30-second ad begins this way:

“People are saying that Senator Obama’s recent changes of position have made him a flip-flopper. He’s not! Flip-floppers only hold one position at a time. Senator Obama is different: he holds two positions at the same time. . . . Worse than a flip-flopper!”


If a conservative Republican held such sham and hypocritical positions, you can imagine the media would be in overdrive exposing the candidate to the public.

Not so Obama.

This is why our campaign to tell the American people the truth about Obama is so important.

You can see the “Both Ways Barack” ad and support our efforts – Go Here Now

Make no mistake about it, the major media are afraid of our efforts.

The New York Post recently headlined “New Ad Calls Obama ‘Both Ways Barack’ – introducing a story about our new ad.

And we already made history at MTV. Our “Both Ways Barack” ad was the first political commercial MTV has ever run.

We are reaching out to new and younger voters – as well as getting the ad placed on traditional news networks like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News,

Let Freedom Ring was created to inform the American people and bypass the major media – letting Americans know about the views of candidates on critical issues of our day – those that affect the core of our society: the family, marriage, the economy, energy, abortion, health care and foreign policy, to name just a few.

Let Freedom Ring has an exciting strategy for promoting constitutional government, economic freedom and traditional American values in the media.

We need your help to make it happen. We need to expose Barack Obama before it’s too late.

Take just one minute to look at our ad – and help support us – Go Here Now

With your support, Let Freedom Ring is becoming a major force in deciding the upcoming election.

Barack Obama must be exposed. We need your help to do it.

Watch “Both Ways Barack” – it’s only 30 seconds and click on the Donate Now!

Thank you.

Yours for America