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>Brinkley, Cook Make Peace In The Wee Hours of The Morning In Divorce Trial

After a week of mud slinging, therapist dissing, porn exposing and affair disclosing, Christie Brinkley and estranged husband Peter Cook just cried uncle.
She gets most of the loot: the 18 houses including their primary residence and custody to the kids. He got a little over $2 million, which is peanuts for this couple. However, Observers said Peter Cook was happy. Obviously, Brinkley was the biggest bread-winner in that family and Cook the passive “near-do-well” if you could be that with so much money.
Lawyers for the battle-weary twosome pulled an all-nighter before emerging with an exit strategy about 6:15 a.m., Brinkley’s lawyer’s, Robert Stephan Cohen, told the court.

A beaming Brinkley, 54, seemed relieved as she appeared at the Central Islip, N.Y., courthouse, and she had reason to smile and Cook to frown, considering how poorly he seemed to do in the negotiations.
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