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>Global Warming Is Myth. But What About Climate Change?

>Homeowners are aware of ups and downs of temperatures. This winter has been a prime example of anti-global warming. It’s been cold, with plenty of snowfall in places like New York City where snow is usually not a problem.

Large stacks of garbage still stand on the sidewalks from the last storm that dumped twenty inches on this metropolis. Because the mayor is a progressive, unable to control unions, he just turned his back on it and left it on the sidewalks. Now with ten more inches of snow, the job of cleanup gets tougher.

But in the face of colder weather the past several years, the Al Gore’s of the world must be hiding their faces. No, they merely call their pet Green initiative by another name, Climate Change.

Global Warming has been debunked as myth by science. But what about climate change? I don’t think you can say the chemicals we are putting into the atmosphere are adversely affecting the earth until you look at it over a long, long time. I’m talking hundreds of years, and science just doesn’t have those kinds of figures and never will. So why are so many people suddenly experts on Climate Change?

My own view is that God had to be perfect to create the Universe and this Earth. If he is perfect, then he anticipated man would invent things t hat  spewed out CO2. But as the following article attests, it isn’t the carbon that man makes that is a problem. If there is a problem, and I still refuse to believe God has ceased to be perfect (that he knows the earth adjusts to all conditions), then the gas most likely to cause a problem is nitrogen. Take a look. See if you agree.

The following is from the Portland Cement Association which purports to define Claimate Change. Take a look and then leave y our opinion below in the form of a comment. Don White:

What is the Difference Between the 
Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and Climate Change?

Global warming is generally defined as an increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change.

Climate change is generally defined as any long-term significant change in the weather patterns. Climate change can be natural or caused by changes people have made to the land or atmosphere.

“Greenhouse effect” is used to describe a scenario of how various gases cause global warming or climate change. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases exist naturally in the atmosphere. These gases retain the sun’s heat and create the atmosphere that sustains life on earth. Burning fossil fuels — natural gas, gasoline, coal, and oil — adds unnatural amounts of CO2 and other gases into the air. These have the potential to trap heat, raise air temperatures, and change the balance of life on earth. These gases, in the form of pollution (emissions to air), have increased 30% in the past century.

The primary source of CO2 emissions is fossil fuel power plants, which in the US, contribute to 35% of all CO2 emissions. Cars, sport-utility vehicles and other light trucks account for another 20%. Energy efficient buildings and vehicles worldwide can have a significant affect on climate change.

Does only CO2 Affect Climate Change?
Although carbon dioxide produced by burning oil and coal is often singled out as the contributor to climate change, a number of other emissions to air (pollutants) as a result of human activities contribute to global warming. They include: methane (agriculture and burning natural gas), ground level ozone (car exhaust and power plants), water vapor (naturally occurring), nitrous oxide (fertilizer use and a pollutant) and chlorofluorocarbons (refrigerants and aerosol). Pound for pound, these other emissions to air have a much greater effect on global warming than CO2, as shown in the table.
In terms of global warming potential, one pound of methane is 21 times more potent than one pound of CO2, and one pound of N2O is 310 times more potent than one pound of CO2. Similarly, the listed refrigerants are highly

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>Obama Is Amorphous: He’s Cotton Candy, All Things To All People


Let’s learn what amorphous is by saying Barak Obama is an amorphous solid — a solid in which there is no long-range order of the positions of the atoms. Similarly, he has no character and no long term plan, though he says he has. His plans have no idealogical background. One day he can be a left-wing liberal, the next he can feign conservativeness, such as when he says he will balance the budget or solve problems without spending so much, which is a lie. (Solids in which there is long-range atomic order are called crystalline solids or morphous). Most classes of solid materials can be found or prepared in an amorphous form. For instance, common window glass is an amorphous solid, many polymerspolystyrene) are amorphous, and even foods such as cotton candy
(such as are amorphous solids.

Obama Avoids the Crocodile
By Patrick J. Buchanan

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By reversing himself and refusing to release graphic photos of abused prisoners of war, Barack Obama has stunned liberals.

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They feel betrayed and abandoned by a president they put into office. On war and torture, at least, they thought Barack was one of them. He is not. Barack is not into ideology. He is into Barack.
As he showed in 2008, when he threw his white grandmother under the bus and spared his beloved black pastor, the Rev. Wright, then threw Wright under the bus when his toxicity level rose too high, Barack has all the sentimentality of Michael Corleone when it comes to the family business.
And what Obama is saying with his refusal to release the photos is what he has been signaling for weeks now: I am not going to fight the liberals’ war — on Dick Cheney‘s turf. The rewards are nonexistent, and the risks too great.
Thus, when Gens. Petraeus, Odierno and McKiernan grumbled, Obama tossed a blanket over the photos. Barack Obama is not taking on CENTCOM or West Point for a bunch of congressional progressives.

>Government Warms to Global Warming

>Report Documents Effects of Climate Change in U.S., May 30, 2008 · A new report published by the federal government states that climate change is already affecting U.S. water resources, agriculture, land resources and biodiversity. Some forests are seeing more fires and insect infestations. Water use is on the rise, and invasive weeds are spreading.

But where’s the scientific proof? Maybe we’ll get some bloggers who can fill us in or object to this blatant confusion that “government” employs to get us off alternative sources of fuel such as coal and oil shale.