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>Richard Cohen Got It Right In His Union Obesity Op Ed

>I don’t usually reprint in its entirety an op-ed from the Washington Post. But in this case I am because I believe for a change one of its standard liberal op-ed writers, Reichard Cohen did a bang up job of analyzing what’s going on in Wisconsin.

When you have liberals criticizing the unions in Wisconsin, you have a different ball game. Unions are wrong, Governor Walker is right in this one. And as a result, unions will become weaker – not necessarily due to anything Scott Walker is doing, but because how prideful and, yes let’s say it – richly obese – the unions and Wisconsin’s school teachers have become.

I wrote an article yesterday about this in  Go there.

I said “Right now teachers in Wisconsin have pensions and health care insurance paid for entirely by the taxpayers. Walker is only asking that they pay for 5.8 percent of their own pension plan and 12.8 percent for their health plan. What on earth is going on?”

If you could get someone else to pay 94 percent of your pension for the rest of your life, you’d be singing love songs to everyone and jumping up and down with joy. So would I. Read Cohen. I’m usually criticizing him and his liberal ideas. Not on this one:
Richard CohenGovernment pensions, an obesity epidemicGovernment workers, on our dime, have run off with pensions they do not deserve.