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>Yanks on Top In American League East


TORONTO — Bartolo Colon thought he’d never be in these shoes again. [He hadn’t pitched in the MLB for two years.]

A perfect storm had derailed his once brilliant career — family strife in the Dominican Republic, repeated injuries to his right arm, and the natural effects of age — each of them conspiring to keep Colon out of the big leagues. But not long after Colon walked off the mound a winner for the first time in nearly two years, helping the Yankees to a 6-2 victory against the Blue Jays, he vowed to keep his cleats as a souvenir.
“This is very special for me,” Colon said through an interpreter. “It did cross my mind that I was never going to play again.”
For Colon, who missed all of the last two seasons trying to recover from an injury. Read the entire story in the Toronto Star Ledger:
Here’s a comment to this story I can relate to: A reader said, “I was as wrong about Colon as anyone. I was never a fan of his and used this space to make many fat jokes. Well, jokes on me. He’s looked great. He’s already given the Yankees more than I’d thought he would. Color me impressed. Jeter was 0-5 on the night and hit nothing in the air.He looks worse than he did last year.”
I was not wrong about Colon.  In February when I heard Colon and Garcia were trying out for the Yankees I said both would be on the roster when the Yankees returned from Tampa, Florida and began the season in Yankee Stadium. That became true, as Joe Giarde and Brian Cashman opted to give them a chance. Both have performed to expectations. No, they aren’t world beaters, but Colon didn’t even play in 2010  and 2009because of injuries and Garcia was with the Cubs and he has done well in one outing. Love to say it, but I told you so.
The Yankees are currently 9-6 in the won-loss column and are in first place in the American League East. Our finest relief pitcher, Mariano Rivera, lost a game in ten innings, his first loss in a while. But it’s a long season and the Yankees are headed in the right direction.
There is talk of sending Brett Gardner, left fielder, down to the minors until he learns to bunt and sharpens up his hitting. If that happens the Yankees will place a poorly defending and aging Andru Jones in left field. His hitting is coming back and maybe his defense will improve. At one time for the Atlanta Braves he was one of the best offensive and defensive center fielders in either league. 
If the Yanks do anything, it should be trading Derek Jeeter for a younger, more fleet-footed shortstop. they have one in the Yankee organization, but his hitting isn’t even as good as Jeeter’s when he’s hitting .277 as he did last season. I’d give Jeeter more time, just enough to “hang” himself. I think he is dwindling in appeal and needs a lot of help to get him back on track with the hitting. I have already published one article on how to improve this legend’s late career hitting. No response yet from Brian Cashman.

Must not be too important to the Yankees if Jeeter wastes away as he is doing right now. I’m a former semi-pro and college center fielder. I could hit with “pop” on the bat and I think that is what Jeeter should start doing. If all he’s going to hit is an anemic .270 then why not throw in two dozen homers, of which he is capable, to make his resume look better and help the Yankees win. Hitting has been a real bugaboo with the Yankees as of late.

>Yanks Sign Kevin Millwood to Provisional Contract – If Only He Could Throw Faster…


Yanks sign right-hander Kevin Millwood

By Andrew Marchand

Yankees Rotation
With the signing of Kevin Millwood, Buster Olney and predicts the starting rotation for 2011.
The New York Yankees signed right-hander Kevin Millwood to a minor league deal on Friday.
The Yankees expected to announce soon if Freddy Garcia or Bartolo Colon will be the team’s fifth starter, with the other likely headed to long relief. Millwood, who will go to extended spring training, adds depth behind those veteran right-handers.
The Yankees gave Millwood no guaranteed money. He was signed to a pro-rated $1.5 million deal with incentives, but he has to be on the Yankees’ 25-man big league roster by May 1 or the deal is void.
Millwood has the chance to earn $3.5 million more in performance bonuses: $500,000 each for five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 starts. He would get an additional $1 million for 30 starts.
Garcia gets $1.5 million if he is on the Yankees’ opening day roster. His deal could be worth as much as $3.6 million if he makes 30 or more starts.
Colon, who is slated to make $900,000 if he is on the team, has no added incentives in his contract.
The Yankees have been talking with Millwood’s agent, Scott Boras, since the offseason, but had been unable to come to an agreement until now. General manager Brian Cashman has been steadfast in saying he would pay only a certain amount for Millwood’s services.
A major league contract was always out of the question. Garcia’s and Colon’s deals were also minor league deals.
At this point, it is unknown how soon the 36-year-old Millwood could pitch in a major league game. Though he has been working out, he has missed almost all of spring training. He likely will have to start the season in extended spring training or in the minor leagues.
Last season, Millwood pitched with the Orioles and went 4-16 with a 5.10 ERA. In 2009, he was 13-10 with a 3.67 ERA with the Texas Rangers.
Garcia, 1-1 with a 5.93 ERA in spring training, entered the competition for the fifth spot as the favorite because he won 12 games last season. Colon did not appear at all in the majors in 2010.
But Colon has outpitched Garcia this spring, going 1-0 with a 2.40 ERA. However, it is unclear if he has done enough to win the job.
Ivan Nova is expected to be the Yankees’ No. 4 starter.
Sergio Mitre had an outside shot at a rotation spot as well, but he struggled, and on Friday was traded to the Brewers for outfielder Chris Dickerson. first reported that Millwood and the Yankees had reached agreement.
Andrew Marchand covers the Yankees for ESPNNewYorkcom.’s Wallace Mathews contributed to this report. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.
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>Catcher Motero May Be Sent Down, Garcia and Colon Stay


Freddy Garcia (l.) and Bartolo Colon may have something left in the tank for the Yanks.


Freddy Garcia (l.) and Bartolo Colon may have something left in the tank for the Yanks.

TAMPA – The Yankees had no idea what to expect when they signed Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia to minor-league deals this winter, but with half of spring training over, the two veterans have impressed.
When Andy Pettitte retired last month, many believed the Yankees were in serious trouble, especially after missing out on free agent Cliff Lee this winter. But with three weeks until Opening Day, the Bombers are feeling good about the state of their pitching staff.

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>Count On It: By Opening Day In NY It Will Be Garcia And Colon In Starting Rotation


Comments belong to George King’s story, not my rewrite: 32 More[Image] 

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — You can do anything you want with statistics. 
Spring training numbers for pitchers are always better until hitters

Above left Fredie Garcia and (r) Sergio Mitre

catch up to them in April.  

The Yanks have two pitchers who might become fourth and fifth starters,
Freddie Garcia and Bartolo Colon. You can count on it – the others are
strictly pretenders. I mean Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre.

No, despite the early season numbers in the Yankees rotation, the stats 
are skewed during March. right now they do suggest Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon,
 Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre are better pitchers than CC Sabathia and 
Phil Hughes, and that’s a bunch of garbage. 

Early on I said Garcia should be considered the favorite. that’s because of his twelve
wins last season with the Sox. He was throwing the ball only 85 miles per hour then; 
now he’s zinging it at 88 or 89 mph and he says that makes his change-up far more
effective and it does.

Bartolo Colon

Colon has a 1.80 ERA after allowing one run and four hits in five innings and fanning five; Nova has worked two games (one start) and given up three hits in five scoreless frames; Mitre, who also has a chance to stick with the team as a long reliever, has appeared in three games (one start) and has not allowed a run in five innings.That’s a combined 20 innings, 
one run, 14 hits, one walk and 14 strikeouts.All the candidates insist the only thing they have to worry about is how they pitch. However, it is impossible for them to ignore what the others are doing.

Last year Garcia won 12 with a 4.64 ERA in 28 games for the White Sox. He’s only 34 so I figure he has two to four good seasons left in him if he plays his cards right.

Ivan Nova

 Garcia said. “Last year I was 85 to 86. My arm feels really good. 
[Added velocity] makes my changeup and slider better.”According to a 
scout at yesterday’s 5-4 Yankees exhibition win over the Braves at 
Champion Stadium in which Garcia retired all nine batters he faced. 

A scout said Garcia was sharp and has “the stomach to pitch 
in The Bronx.”He needs a harder breaking ball to lefties, but his 
change-up and command are pluses. As a result, he is sneaky,” the scout 
said. “He has a solid feel with Big Apple poise.”The Yankees knew what
they were getting when signing Garcia to a minor league deal that will
pay him $1.5 million if he makes the Opening Day roster. The total 
package could reach $5.1 million via performance bonuses.”That’s the 
way I have to pitch if I want to win the spot,” Garcia said. “In spring 
trainings before, I was working to get ready for the season. I was in 
the rotation, but I didn’t take nothing for granted. But I had my spot. 
This year I am making sure I am on the team.”From the first day of 
camp manager Joe Girardi said a decision on the final two spots would 
not be a quick one. The way the quartet has performed won’t make it 
come any faster.”We won’t make decisions till the end,” Girardi said. 
Don White, AKA Yankee Wizard


The Yanks have some interesting problems. I saw Colon pitch
 twice last week (I was down in Fla for spring training). If he
doesn’t get hurt and continues to pitch like that he’s not only
in the rotation, he’s going to win comeback player of the year
 … at least. His ball was popping! (definitely in the mid-90’s)
He also showed veteran savvy.

I predict it’s Colon 4 and Garcia 5.

Nova, Betances, Buenelos and Brackman go to AAA and the

SWB-Yanks would beat the Mets 9 out of 10 times with
that rotation! ReportDr. Sigmund Freud03/09/2011 2:55 PM
At least you got the Fraud part right… hahaha ya probably
didn’t even realize that… lol
ReportDr. Sigmund Freud03/09/2011 2:49 PM

A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine
has shown that 93% of all males who dislike Derek
Jeter are morbidly obese, 89% have an IQ below 60, and
73% are alcoholics.

Brings to mind the immortal words of Dean Vernon

Wormer: “Fat, drunk, stupid and envying the great

Derek Jeter is no way to go through life

>Latest Yankee News From Blecher Report


Bleacher Report Newsletters

>Colon Gets Yankee’s First Start In Florida

>This is a NY Post story. Since it’s old news today in Florida, I don’t mind
using it here. Though I usually merely print blurbs and use a link back
to original sources. DWhite

Colon will get first spring start for Yankees

4:46 PM, February 22, 2011 ι By GEORGE A. KING III

TAMPA — Bartolo Colon will start for the Yankees against the Phillies on Saturday at George M. Steinbrenner Field in the opening exhibition game.
Colon was chosen because he pitched in the Dominican Republic Winter League.
“He is probably more ready than the other guys even if it’s a day or two,’’ Girardi said of the veteran right-hander who is in camp on a minor-league deal and competing for the fourth or fifth spots in the rotation.
Colon said, “I am very happy and very excited to pitch in the first game and I am ready to pitch.’
Ivan Nova, an early favorite to land one of the two spots, will start Sunday against the Phillies in Clearwater, Fla. He will be followed by CC Sabathia, who threw a bullpen session Tuesday; A.J. BurnettPhil Hughes; and Freddy Garcia.
Sergio Mitre, another candidate, will work in the bullpen the first time through, according to Girardi.
Girardi, asked about Mark Prior’s early-morning batting practice session, said, “I thought he threw the ball OK’’ then expressed his pleasure with all his pitchers.
“I am happy with the guys throwing bullpens as a group,’’ Girardi said.
Prior, who hasn’t pitched in a big-league game since 2006 and didn’t pitch at all in 2007, 2008 and 2009 due to shoulder problems, is competing for a spot in the bullpen.
“The biggest thing we will see here is how his body holds up and see how he feels,’’ Girardi said of the former Cubs star.
If Prior doesn’t land in the bullpen, there could be innings for him at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Triple-A).