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>There’s Got To Be More Decency In Schools

>Decency in what is taught and how it is taught is missing sometimes in schools. Take for example how some poor teachers are teaching about condoms. I know this is a controversial question because many Americans believe we should hand out condoms to all children when they reach age 14.

Others of us, however, believe in teaching abstinence in school. The NEA has adopted a bizarre, comprehensive, lifelong sex indoctrination curriculum beginning with kindergartners. Taxpayer funded Centers For Disese Control (CDC) published a pamphlet called Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. They had help from the Sexuality Information and Education Council of The United States (SIECUS).

This abomnable report is is considered the Bible for sex eduation in public schools today. The Guidelines are reportedly the most widely recognized and implemented framework for comprehensive sexuality education across the country. It divides student sex-ed experience into four levels:

Level 1 Middle Childhood. Children ages 5 through 8.
Level 2 Preadolescence. Children ages 9 through 12.
Level 3 Early Adolescence. Children ages 12 through 15.
Level 4 Adolescence. Children ages 15 through 18.

According to Michael Savage (The Enemy Within), here’s what these “social engineers want to teach your children starting in kindergarten. the following excerpts are the exact verbiage taken from the SIECUS guide.

Middle Childhood ages five through eight)

Savage’s reaction to the above is the same as mine: “I’d like to know what degenerate thought up those guidelines for sex education. Kids at that age need to learn about fair play on the playground–not foreplay in the backseat. they shold be singing “I want to hold your hand,” not “I want to hold your gland.”

Here’s what the manual says for ages nine through twelve:

“Why does a ten-year-old need to learn about abortion?” Savage asks. “She hasn’t even learned arithmetic yet.”

In high schools today kids are taught about bi-sexuality (where some people seem to be attracted by both men and women). They teach the general availability of condoms. Young people can buy them at the local drug store, grocery market, or convenience store without a doctor’s prescription).

In California where Gays can now marry, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network distributes a “Heterosexuality Questionnaire” to stimulate more than discussion on the topic. In it, they ask students to identify:

  • When and where did you first decide you were heterosexual?
  • Is it possible heterosexuality is a phase you will grow out of?
  • Is it possible you are heterosexual because you fear the same sex?
  • If you have never slept with someone of the same sex, how do you know you wouldn’t prefer that?

For the fourth-to-ninth grades they offer “Focus on Kids” with its “Condom Race Activity.” Picture yur child playing along with this one. The teacher is supposed to “Divide youth into two teams and give everyone a condom. Have them stand in two lines and give the first person in each line a dildo or cucumber. Each person on the team must put the condom on the dildo or cucumber and take it off..the team that finishes first wins.”

Savage says that after they have…stretched the Trojans …over the end of the cucumber they’re supposed to settle into a cozy brainstorming activity. What will they be encouraged to think about? Abstinence? Right?

There’s much more to it. I would suggest you get the Michael Savage book, The Enemy Within and read from pages 175 to 180, starting from the subtitle “The Death of Innocence.”