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>FCC Going After Angst Blogger For Being A Conservative Lout


David Limbaugh


FCC Chief Targeting Conservative Radio

Of the dozens of reasons to be concerned about the ever-growing and unchecked power of the federal government under President Barack Obama, the upcoming assault against conservative talk radio may surpass them all.

It’s not enough that liberals dominate the executive and legislative branches, liberals are poised to control the judiciary, and, at liberals’ direction, government is absorbing ownership and control of large chunks of the private sector. They also must shut up the opposition.

We have genuine cause for alarm on multiple fronts — and actual alarm indeed exists among increasing numbers of people, not all of whom are predisposed to excitability.

The government has declared war on innocent life in the womb in the name of “free choice.” It is spending unconscionable amounts of money it doesn’t have and can’t possibly acquire without taxing the primary producers in this nation into abject servitude. It’s set to impose “cap and trade” taxes in the name of protecting an environmental threat that exists mostly in the data-resistant prisons of their ideological minds, which will yield no environmental benefit but will cause irreparable economic harm.

It has passed constitutionally repugnant and morally odious legislation, carving out new crimes for violent acts motivated by “hate” against certain protected groups. Neither military veterans nor conservative males are among the protected groups, but pedophiles very well may be.
The proscribed “hate” under the statute may not be “hate” at all, but mere political or theological disagreement with the view of the dominant media culture and the ruling class on, for example, the normalcy of homosexual behavior.
Meanwhile, this same ruling class and its enablers, who are so selectively indignant about certain majority opinions they mischaracterize as “hate,” openly bask in the kind of behavior no one can dispute rationally as hateful at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

The government, through President Obama, has trotted the globe, painting the United States, the most magnanimous nation in the history of the world, as an international pariah and disgrace for which he must presume to apologize.

The government would have prosecuted officials of the previous administration for conducting enhanced interrogation techniques they reasonably believed were legal (and the lawyers who furnished the legal opinions approving the techniques) until it discovered, with egg on its face, that in a recent case, an appellate court (and the Justice Department, in another) had endorsed the previous administration’s definition of torture.

The government threatens and int