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>Blow Up The Oil Well That’s Ruining The Gulf of Mexico

>There is no reason for  Barak Obama, our commander in chief, not to order a submarine blast on the British Petroleum oil well that’s been leaking out 80,000 gallons of crude per day in the Gulf, killing wild game and despoiling our coastlines.

He could order a sub or a destroyer to blow up the oil well opening, causing rocks and sediment to clog up the exit points for the oil. True, this would ruin an expensive oil well for BP, but so what? It is ruining our way of life in the Gulf of Mexico and it’s gone on too long. If Obama refuses to do so he had better be prepared to tell the American people the other alternatives and why he hasn’t stemmed the oil flow with the power of our military.

They could do it in a matter of minutes.

Why is he hesitating? Here are the possible reasons. You decide for yourself if one or all of them fits the mentality of this socialistic Communistic president.

1. He ordered the explosion and wants it to ruin the Gulf Coast so that he can get public opinion on his side to forever stop off-shore drilling.

2. He knows who did order the explosion, and he answers to them. Who is more powerful than an American president? There are three groups that come to mind, each controlled by world banking inerests: The Builderbergs, The Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations.

There are a lot of people in America who believe George Soros, international financier, and/or Arab interests paid a lot of money to get Obama elected. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. Take your choice.
A rich Arab put him through college. The Arabs are for the overthrow of America any way they can, and with an insider – a black Muslim-loving president – in the White House, why not cause America all the trouble they can. Obama has said he wants our electricity bills to become “unnecessarily” high and aims to do that by a Cap and Trade bill. The House of Representatives has already passed the bill and now it is being deliberated upon by the corrupt U.S. Senate. It’s a sure thing.

The new Republican Senator, Mitch Brown, must become the deciding vote to give us 41 against. It takes 60 votes in the Senate to approve cloture – the cessation of a filibuster. If we can keep the Senate tied up until the fall elections when we hope tea party conservatives will come into power – or at least counter power – in the House, it will take the steam out of passing such a ridiculous bill in the Senate.

Lastly, big banking interests – who own Obama and owned Bush – were responsible for damaging the BP off-shore pipeline and want oil to go to ten dollars a gallon this summer to make it impossible for America to recover from the recession so that they can grab some more stimulus money from a weak American president, Barak Obama. I say “weak,” because in terms of how he has failed in his mandate to protect America and to do all he can to help our people, he has failed miserably. Many believe he has been a failure intentionally, that he isn’t even an American, but was born in some Arab-loving country like Indonesia. I don’t know if that is true, but if it isn’t why hasn’t he produced a valid birth certificate.

(one reader says it is impossible. I don’t think it is impossible.) Cover up the well, that’s all.
The Chinese characters say:“Is impossible” this character word, is cannot find in smart person’s dictionary