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>Obama: "What? You Disagree With Me? You’re Racist"

>From the Desk of:David Martin, Executive Vice President


The building of a mosque overlooking the site of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks has outraged Americans everywhere. Not surprisingly, our President and the media have completely missed the point. Just as with the Arizona immigration law, the “news” media and the President have decided that anyone who disagrees with their far-left views is a racist.
The backers of The Cordoba project, as the Ground Zero Mosque is known, claim that it is designed to bring peace and understanding between East and West. Polls show that most Americans who are not part of the liberal media don’t believe this and view it as a slap in the face to those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks.
The media have put little effort into exposing the truth about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the mosque project who once said the US was “an accessory to the crime” on 9/11. The media could focus on the fact that no one will say where the funding for this $100 million project is coming from. Instead the media focus on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s andBarack Obama’s newfound love for religious freedom.
The liberal elites in the “news” media and Washington, DC like to characterize this controversy as the bigoted rabble being paranoid about a foreign culture we do not understand. This is far from the truth. The American people are aware that conquering Islamic armies built mosques at the site of battles they won. One of the greatest battles was fought in the city ofCordoba, Spain. Cordoba marked the furthest progress made by Islamic armies, at their height over one thousand years ago. Cordoba is also the name of the mosque that Feisal Abdul Rauf wants to build at Ground Zero, a location that Islamist terrorists worldwide consider to be the site of a great victory in the Islamic Jihad against the West.
Since the so-called “news” media aren’t asking Americans why they are overwhelmingly opposed to this, we did.
With cameras in hand, the Media Research Center traveled to New York City to ask New Yorkers why they are opposed to this mosque.
+ + + We went to New York City, now we need you to go to a local town hall meeting!
In addition to our efforts to arrest the media’s attempts to demonize those who object to the NY mosque, we need you, Don to ask these same questions of your elected officials!
Get your lawmakers on record about the Ground Zero Mosque. Get their thoughts and comments on tape and post it to site.
If the liberal news organizations will not ask the tough questions, we must take action ourselves to get to the truth – to expose the true nature of those guiding our nation.
Call your lawmakers today, and find out when they have scheduled their town hall meetings in your community and attend! If they aren’t holding town hall meetings, find out when and where you can see them.
Then get them on record!
Don, the only way we can stop the madness that is taking place throughout our nation is to take action. Together we must identify those who don’t speak for the people, and expose them for the world to see.
Thank you for being a vital part of what we do at the MRC.



P.S. Forward this message to 20-30 friends, urging them to join with you in taking back our nation and stopping the constant attacks on concervatives by the liberal media.

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