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>Italians Send Nuclear Waste To America For Storage

>If shipping nuclear power plant waste to Utah isn’t crazy for America and great for Italy, I don’t know what it is. It is a form of discrimination for one state to have to take waste materials from other states — and even a greater case of discrimination when we allow a foreign country like Italy to dump on us — for profit. The profiting company is in this case Energy Solutions of Utah. Somehow, it won a lawsuit making all of this legal. Shame on you judges to allow this. Shame on you Utah lawmakers to not be resourceful enough with the pen to avoid this.

Amidst all of the arguments, there’s also a story out of Utah about Bob Bennett and the Republican Party responding to the Democrat’s Cap and Trade Bill due to be voted on this weekend or next week.

That’s a disaster of a bill because all it does is raise our taxes, especially in Red states that voted for Bush. What a blatant anti-American law that will be because it trashes all we love about America being a fair-minded country. Democrats will stoop at anything to get re-elected. You saw what they did for the unions, giving them a huge share of GM recently when they deserved nothing. Again, Democrats vie for more votes by using our taxpayer money. That’s a huge blatant violation of human rights in my opinion. An unfair use and manipulation of tax moneys that we all contributed to, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, and liberterians alike. Why are Democrats so illegally and blatantly dishonest?

My biggest proposal for America right now is Congressional term limits. It would be eight years, like the presidential term limit. Two four-year terms for senators instead of the unlimited number of six-year terms we currently have. And four two-year terms for Representatives. That would rid us of the Barney Franks, Charles Schumers, Chris Dodds, and others who masquerade as good people only looking out for our welfare.


Salt Lake City – Senate Republicans led by Utah Sen. Bob Bennett called Monday for building 100 new nuclear plants in the United States over the next 20 years.
They say that would help reduce global warming just as much as the “cap and trade” proposals by Democrats to cut greenhouse-gas-causing, carbon-based energy such as coal or oil but would still provide cheap power needed to keep the U.S. economy vibrant.
“One of the driving forces behind America’s economic growth for the last 100 years has been our access to what we call cheap energy,” Bennett said as he chaired a Senate Republican Conference hearing on nuclear energy that featured nuclear scientists, economists and witnesses from business groups.
“If we’re going to survive in the kind of economy we want, we have to have continued access to cheap energy,” he said. Bennett then asked the GOP-invited experts where such cheap energy could come from while also fighting global warming, and they each pointed to nuclear energy.
Read more of this story.

There was also a story out of Utah stating that a company called Energy Solutions of Tooele, Utah (a few miles from Salt Lake City) had won a lawsuit against the government allowing it to accept nuclear waste from Italy and store it on some ground nearby the size of 450 acres. Utahns are opposed to using the Beehive State as a nuke dumping grounds, regardless of whether this from Italy is hot or not.

I wrote my response to the Deseret News story as follows:
Utah is a lovely place to live and shouldn’t be contaminated by nuclear waste from Italy. Waste Solutions may have won this suit, but it has a long way to go in public relations to educate the populace of the Bee Hive State that storing this stuff on a 450 acre site near Tooele, Utah is safe. Recall that Tooele is only twenty miles from Salt Lake County, Utah’s most populous area. If the waste material wasn’t dangerous, then why did the Italians pay Waste Solutions to store it ten thousand miles away from their wonderful country?  Read the Bennett story. It sheds further light on how the French reduce their waste material down so far that it can be stored in a “green” building near the plant without any repercusions from anyone.
Don White