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>Bush , Rummy, and Cheney Should Have Captured Iran


We are reprinting a post made to All Things Beautiful two years ago because it still has cache. If only our president could have seen the future when he had us unvade Iraq.

China needs Iranian oil as much as it needs Wal-Mart’s trade. Wal-Mart needs Iranian oil to ship their goods and keep the US economy afloat as much as it needs China to build the crap they sell. Face the cold co-dependent truth. Iran is holding all the aces in this game. As the sabers rattle Iran makes even more money as the price of crude rises.
Bush/Rummy/Cheney have made the biggest tactical blunder in US history. They pushed the US military into attacking the wrong country. Iran has WMDs. The Iranian goverment is openly supporting terrorism. Iran is no doubt a threat to Israel and wants to destroy the “great Satan”. Iran is everything the Bush administration claimed falsely that Iraq was.