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>Obama Is Amorphous: He’s Cotton Candy, All Things To All People


Let’s learn what amorphous is by saying Barak Obama is an amorphous solid — a solid in which there is no long-range order of the positions of the atoms. Similarly, he has no character and no long term plan, though he says he has. His plans have no idealogical background. One day he can be a left-wing liberal, the next he can feign conservativeness, such as when he says he will balance the budget or solve problems without spending so much, which is a lie. (Solids in which there is long-range atomic order are called crystalline solids or morphous). Most classes of solid materials can be found or prepared in an amorphous form. For instance, common window glass is an amorphous solid, many polymerspolystyrene) are amorphous, and even foods such as cotton candy
(such as are amorphous solids.

Obama Avoids the Crocodile
By Patrick J. Buchanan

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By reversing himself and refusing to release graphic photos of abused prisoners of war, Barack Obama has stunned liberals.

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They feel betrayed and abandoned by a president they put into office. On war and torture, at least, they thought Barack was one of them. He is not. Barack is not into ideology. He is into Barack.
As he showed in 2008, when he threw his white grandmother under the bus and spared his beloved black pastor, the Rev. Wright, then threw Wright under the bus when his toxicity level rose too high, Barack has all the sentimentality of Michael Corleone when it comes to the family business.
And what Obama is saying with his refusal to release the photos is what he has been signaling for weeks now: I am not going to fight the liberals’ war — on Dick Cheney‘s turf. The rewards are nonexistent, and the risks too great.
Thus, when Gens. Petraeus, Odierno and McKiernan grumbled, Obama tossed a blanket over the photos. Barack Obama is not taking on CENTCOM or West Point for a bunch of congressional progressives.


>Can We Defeat The ACLU?


The ACLU Must Be Destroyed

Joseph Farah wrote a resounding blog in November 2004 calling for freedom loving Americans to fight the ACLS. It was reprinted again in in 2008 and I’m foursquare behind his words.

Farah reminds us that because we American conservatives took a passive stance in 2004, the Pentagon succumbed to pressure from the ACLU, beating up a fine, patriotic organization called the Boy Scouts, calling it a “subversive organization.”

In reality, it is the ACLU that needs to be destroyed because it is a “subversive organization” contrary to the faith and purpose of our fathers in every respect.

Farah said “Most Americans just laughed and shook our heads in disbelief years ago when a handful of extremists began systematically targeting the Boy Scouts as a “subversive organization.”

But over time, because most Americans didn’t fight back, didn’t marginalize the extremists, didn’t speak up proudly and stand behind the Boy Scouts, it is this outstanding civic organization that has taken a beating.”

The decision by the Defense Department under President George Bush’s watch—shame on you Mr. President and Defense Secretary Don Rumsfield–to accommodate the American Civil Liberties Union at the expense of the Boy Scouts “illustrates the way our country is being reshaped by the worldview of the extremists.”

Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves today.

If you take the ACLU and other extremists supporting its agenda at their word, you have to believe this fight is about “tolerance.”

They maintain they oppose the Boy Scouts because of their “intolerance” for people who don’t embrace their values. And, in the name of “tolerance,” the ACLU and those who consider the Boy Scouts “subversive,” have no tolerance for the Boy Scouts – or anyone else who disagrees with them.
The Pentagon agreed to warn its bases not to sponsor Boy Scout troops in appeasement of the ACLU and end a 5-year-old lawsuit that had charged the government with improperly supporting a group promoting belief in God.
Listen to Farah: “The ACLU is never going to change. It is an anti-American organization. It is a group that seeks to destroy all that makes America a unique experiment in freedom. It is an organization in league with all of America’s enemies. It is an organization that hates God, hates what is right, decent and morally upright. It is an organization in league with the Devil, as far as I am concerned.”

And the ACLU is an organization that needs to be isolated, exposed for what it is, recognized for what it is and destroyed if necessary.

Instead, because most Americans have a live-and-let-live attitude, we “tolerate” the ACLU. We wink at it. Maybe we laugh at it. But the ACLU and its allies continue to push our society, to transform it, to remake it in its own twisted image.

The Boy Scouts have been targeted by the ACLU and the homosexual activists because the Boy Scouts have been uncompromising in their views and standards. The subversives hate that. They hate when people stand up for what’s right.

When it becomes dangerous to stand up for what’s right in America, you know we’re in trouble as a nation.

Farah asked a good question: “Let me ask you a question: Would you rather live next door to a family that hosts a Boy Scout troop or a family of homosexual activists? Would you rather live next door to a family of people who attend church or synagogue every week, or would you prefer to live next door to the local head of the ACLU? “

What’s so scary about the Boy Scouts?

A Boy Scout pledges to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

A Boy Scout vows to keep himself physically strong, morally straight and mentally alert.

And because of these characteristics and goals, the Boy Scouts today are under siege – the latest target in the Culture War.

When you see an institution like this under attack, it should set off an internal warning that our very way of life – not just the Boy Scouts – is threatened by an organized, well-funded conspiracy.

I’m with Joseph Farah and the Boy Scouts, how about you?