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>You Can’t Be A Big Spender One Day And A Conservative The Next


Obama’s Fiscal Summit A Has To Be A Joke, Right?

We’ll know in four years if he cut the deficit in half and balanced a budget

    Here’s a president who already knows he has been the most irresponsible leader this country has ever known, a spendthrift who knows no bounds. Yet, now he wants to come back down to earth and talk long-term responsibility? He wants to have a summit on what to do with Social Security and America’s health?

     He’d better forget solving domestic problems, he spent our money and our kids’ with that big blow-out binge of irresponsibility costing us $878 Billion, which with interest is $1.1Trillion. And all of this was to cover campaign promises and very little of it will help our nation become well again.

     Has Obama hit bottom and wants to dry out? Is he feeling withdrawal symptoms? Bring in the experts. Check his liver disease. Prescribe some magic cure-all pills. Warn him that if he goes on the bottle again, he’ will have to go to the sanatorium for help. We can’t help him in the White House anymore. Impeachment is the only option.

     Every Mom and Dad knows if eventually you want to buy a nice house or an expensive car, send your kids to college, and amass retirement funds, you must start planning early –  putting some discipline into it. It will hurt at first, but you’ll get used to it. Creating a fiscal frugality plan that in some cases may last a lifetime. We conservatives call it fiscal responsibility. A little money put away here, excesses eliminated, expenses cut, an investment there – good old Ben Franklin frugality.

     After going on a spending binge to satisfy campaign promises, now Obama wants us to believe he is off the hard stuff and wants to mellow out. No one really believes this is anything but an act. A pause before Timothy Gaithner gets his attention again and tells him the patient isn’t recovering. Does he then throw out his plan to cut the deficit in half? What does he do when he withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden fills the vacuum? What happens when North Korea invades South Korea or starts hurling nuclear warheads at Alaska or California? How do we respond when Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu attacks Gaza, then provokes Iran by taking Damascus? What if Iran and the entire Arab Middle East take on Israel? Do we sit on the sidelines because our budget precludes policing the world? Remember, Mr. President, Israel was a campaign promise, too. Does Rahm Emanuel and the seven other Jews in your administration twist your ear, compelling you to send troops to Israel?

     This is a very volatile world, Mr. President. Better forget getting too fiscally responsible now. You’re a little late, don’t you think?

     Does Obama clear the table and spend his fiscal responsibility funds on the military, or does he let the world go to hell and the Mexican Narco Opera crescendos and narco terrorists do something Santana couldn’t — take California, Arizona, and Texas — while Obama sobers up fiscally?

     Obama knows – we all know – the fiscal stuff is all out the window now. He let it go when he snuck into his stimulus plan that Endowment for the Arts $50 million, the billions to save Detroit, and the other billions for states like California who ought to be fiscally responsible themselves or have their rich Hollywood stars bail them out, and for crumbling nationwide infrastructure. When will he learn? You can’t have lavish presents under the Christmas tree so everyone can say what a good guy you are and, at the same time, save for college.

     All of us who had to pay for our own college educations learned that lesson; but oh – I forgot – some sheik from Arabia swooped down on Obama and paid for his tuition, books, beer, smokes, dope, and other living expenses at Harvard and Columbia, didn’t they? Well, Barak, I have news for you. In the real world it doesn’t work that way. There is no magic genie in a bottle. Hardworking Americans know that everything they have in mind for their kids must come from their toil of their backs and the sweat of their brows – by savings, frugality, and honest effort. There’s no stealing of the kitty when you have a sudden urge vacation binge.  But our president is an elitist — his house was given to him. He doesn’t know how the other half live.

     America should have elected a pauper president. Then, maybe we’d have someone who really understood that you can’t save the country – any more than you can’t save a poor man – by purchasing for him expensive one-time gifts.

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