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>Launching Christensen/White Family History

>May 28, 2008
5136 Tildens Grove Blvd.
Windermere, FL 34786

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now living in Windermere, Florida. If you would like to establish a family history relationship (or just want to say hello), please add your comments on the bottom of this article. Our goal for this blog is to generate comments and an exchange of family history data so that we can fill up the “Family Trees.”

My image-maker is on the fritz right now, so maybe in a future blog we can attach pictures of Carolyn and Don and their four children, Michael, Patrick, Jennifer, and Marcus.

Here’s a little history. We started out–that is, Carolyn and Don, in marriage July 16, 1965. We were married in the Manti Temple attended only by Don’s brother Robert and his then wife Dwala. We had a wonderful reception in the backyard of the bride’s parents home, Orin and Jean Christensen, in Richfield, Utah. People came all the way from Salt Lake City, including our White family.

Our first child came into the world a year and a half later, Michael Donald White, born November 29, 1966 in Salt Lake City. Next came Patrick, when we were living at our Monarch Way home on the east bench just below Mt. Olympus Cove in Salt Lake City. Patrick was born April 16, 1969. We moved to Fortuna Way, in the lower “Mt. Olympus Cove” across the street from our wardhouse. Then we sold both houses and bought a 14-unit apartment house half a block from Don’s ancestral home, home of David and Etta White. The apartment building was on 2nd East and Crestone Avenue. Don’s parents lived at 169 East 3200 South in Salt Lake County. We bought the rental units on contract from one Paul Frampton and sold it after making voluminous improvements including new parking lot, fence, roof, carpets, and paint in almost every unit. We then bought a small duplex home on Emerson Avenue and began building our Chaucer Place Home in the Neighborhood Subdivision a block west of the foothills in the Monument Park 12th Ward, Monument Park Stake.

That was a glorious home and area and a wonderful time of our lives. Jennifer and Marcus both were born while we lived in the Emerson Avenue Home (for four or five years). It was there that Don was elder’s quorum president and Carolyn was a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. Carolyn still works with the R.S. and Don as HPGL now in the Windermere Ward. We have fond memories of the Monument Park 9th Ward and of the people living there. But we lived in the Monument Park 12th Ward for more than 15 years and that’s the home our children recall the best. We loved that home and the people surrounding it. We ended up putting in a swimming pool, a 30-foot garden and all kinds of fruit trees. What a time we had.

It was from there that our children attended elementary school down the hill nearby, Indian Hills Elementary, and Clayton Junior High School just below Foothill Boulevard, and later East High School down on 13th East and 8th South.

What great memories we built while living in those places, developing friendships and taking on new church and job opportunities.

Carolyn and Don also have fond memories of Richfield, Utah where she grew up and lived until entering the University of Utah, in four years taking a BS Degree in Nursing and becoming a registered nurse. Don’t first recollection of Carolyn was standing in the back of the Sunday School room of the University 3rd Ward (Morris Kjar, bishop). She was standing there talking to Barbara Dayton (now wife of Elder L. Tom Perry). Carolyn worked in the LDS Hospital for many years as head nurse on Floor Four-West, and also taught nursing in the BYU program at that hospital.

Don got a BS degree also at the University of Utah, and later a Juris Doctor during spare moments over several years at night from William Howard Taft University, Santa Ana, CA. He worked for four insurance companies in Salt Lake and later became president/CEO of Western National Mutual Insurance Company in Minneapolis. (more later) from 1991 to 1999 before the family moved to Sarasota, Florida and in 2004 to Orlando to be nearer the temple.

Go to and look up the David V. White and Orin J. Christensen families. We’d like to find people for whom we can do temple work. There are a lot of names out there, we just have to be diligent and find those who haven’t had the work done for them.

By the way, today, May 28, 2008, is a banner day for us. Marcus, Carolyn, and Don launched the publishing of their new book on as a PDF manuscript. SELLING FAST: We Sold Our House in One Day And You Can Too is a fast moving 247-page book on selling homes from the experience of Don and Carolyn, primarily. We became so proficient at selling our homes fast that we started documenting it. If you have an interest, please let us know. Also check out one of Don’s web sites:
As you may recall, for many years Carolyn was a real estate and an insurance agent while we lived in Salt Lake City. Don and Marcus are the primary writers of the book, utilizing all of our talents and skills.