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>Glenn Beck Is Off This Week For His Comedy Tour

>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

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Incredible footage of devastating tsunami

The 5th largest earthquake recorded since 1900 devastated Japan and triggered a massive 23ft high tsunami that destroyed everything in its path. The exact death toll from the largest quake in Japan’s history has yet to be determined, but at least 60 dead and many more missing. Hawaii was hit with the first tsunami waves just after 8am this morning, and California was preparing for contact just before noon eastern time. Get the latest updates on The Blaze live blog and watch the incredible footage of the moment the quake struck Japan, along with the helicopter footage which shows the tsunami gobbling up everything in its path as it plowed through the countryside.

Oil dips below $100 after quake

According to the AP: “Oil prices dipped below $100 for the first time this month.The quake is likely to cut short-term demand for crude from Japan, which is the world’s third biggest oil consumer. So far, a Saudi Arabian “Day of Rage” set for Friday has not materialized,which may also be holding oil prices lower than expected.” Get the full story from The Blaze HERE.

See Glenn Live: Glenn will be out on his new comedy tour beginning at the end of this month traveling to several different cities. Find out if he is coming to a city near you HERE.


>Motorcycle Death On The Rise


WASHINGTON — The Times reported today that the number of motorcyclist deaths is up dramatically. The figure jumped in 2007, accounting for nearly one in eight motor vehicle deaths. That comes from the government safety officials

What’s a nation to do, sit idly buy while the expensive sedan sits in the garage unused. People will be people, especially car owners who are busy people with places to go. The cheapest trnsportation out there, except levitation, is to hop on a cycle and soar.

That’s just the problem–the soaring. While deaths of people in cars and trucks, on bicycles or on foot dropped by nearly 2,000 last year, pushing the overall death rate to a historic low, motorcycle deaths is up.

It surged 6.6 percent, to 5,154 i
Couple riding on a motorcycle Photo (FAN1005656.JPG)n 2007, the 10th straight year of increase. That tells me motorcycling is becoming more popular, because ten years ago the cost of gasoline was manageably low.